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After years of research and thousands of interviews, surveys and hundreds of conversation with successful and struggling musicians, authors, experts and music industry executives we compiled our findings into one free course that you can enroll - for free.

  • Find out why some musicians succeed and most fail
  • Find out which Fans still buy music and support artists.
  • Learn how to make music full-time
  • Find out how the big artists really make their money.

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What Our Friends Say About Us

Princess Superstar/ Chart Topper

I wish i had you ten years ago.  
The coaching is super artist friendly and entertaining. I loved the material!

Princess Superstar -Top 20 Artist 20+ Million views on Youtube. Worked with Prodigy, Moby, Armand Van Helden and Grandmaster Flash et al.

Tim Kroker / Front 242

DavidĀ“s coaching provides a profound, well researched source with plenty of good ideas and tips that bring you closer to success.

Tim Kroker - Drummer for legendary industrial band Front 242 and tutor for Native Instruments, Dubspot, Point Blank et al.

Brett Petersel

?I have a long, positive history of working with David. From the early days of Digital Hardcore Recordings where he released albums through current endeavors, David has always been viewed as a top-notch professional in the industry. Both his experience and knowledge of music industry practices have resonated into his current profession as an authority figure on music-related endeavors (basically, the dos and don'ts on how to have a successful career). As always, David possesses the knowledge and insight of the music industry, and those who partake in his courses will definitely benefit from what they learn.

Brett Petersel -Director of Social Media for the band Atari Teenage Riot, Social Media Lead at SLING TV, Former Audience Development Manager at Mashable, Former Director of Business Development at The Next Web,

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