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Traxx24.com is a blog focused on helping musicians succeed. We are a collective of musicians and music entrepreneurs from all over the world. Our home base is in Berlin, Germany  

We decided that musicians can and should profit from the power the internet gives them. And while the options for todays musicians are near endless most musicians never take advantage of them.  Thus this project was born. (Click here to view some of our best posts!)

Music Report 2016

One of The Research Reports

You will find some of the usual production tutorials, producer interviews and equipment reviews here and there but our main focus lies on how to properly promote your music, strategically advance your career and use the latest online services without getting lost in information overload.

Our specialty is to systematically research what is currently working by using detailed surveys and interviews to find out how to best help you, our reader, to achieve your goals.  Our current research specifically focuses on fan culture and the fascinating relationship between fans and their musicians.

The basic idea is that we do the hard work for you by looking at the (very) big picture, finding out what works and then giving it to you in an easily digestible format. Like in this free video course we´re giving away if you click the picture below.

So  just in case you´re wondering: We are no saints but run a for-profit run organization. We make money by selling coaching products and services as well as running affiliate promotions  (selling other peoples products) - but only for products we truly believe in and that fit our values.

The good news: Most of our information is free to raise awareness among musicians. This helps you in case you can´t afford or don´t want to buy any of our products just yet but still want to learn stuff. It helps us because more people hear our name and might consider to buy from us.

But most importantly it helps to get the word out to musicians out there that are helpless and need working solutions and strategies on how to survive and thrive instead of just giving up.

It´s a thinker - get it?

We´re not big fans of cheesy company mission statements but if there is one thing that´s close to our heart it´s to teach musicians to become more critical and independent thinkers.

Yours truly David Turner [Click here for more details about David]

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