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Traxx24 is a online collective of musicians and music entrepreneurs from all over he world.  Our home base is in Berlin, Germany. 

We interview artists, djs, taste makers and digital music experts. Our focus is on artist discovery and the digital music landscape from an artist perspective. We have a rather unique interview approach by using crowdsourced questions and AMAs (Ask me anything sessions) for our interviews.

So instead of just coming  up with the usual boring interviews questions ourselves we have our community and the musicians fans ask the questions!!! 

Our interviews get over 50.000 unique visits per month from tastemakers, music industry heads,talent scouts, artists and fans.  

By the end of this year we will have reached over half a million expert music lovers, influencers and decision makers.
With hundreds of talent scouts already working for us tirelessly we discover new artists and experts on a daily basis. Want to help us? Get in touch!

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