Traxx24 is a music blog that let’s it’s readers and interview guests nominate others for blog features or reposts.

A blog feature can consist of a full interview or a short message if you’re time-strapped. Our track reposts help you reach a bigger audience. 

Each official e-mail nomination contains a personalized link with your private sign up link. Simply follow the link you’ll be forwarded to a page with further instructions. The process itself is fairly straight forward and can dynamically adapt to your schedule: If you’re busy, we offer short feature formats that only take a few minutes. 

The interviews are all text-based using online forms. This makes the process extremely fast and efficient. 

Once you accepted your nomination you can select which format best suits your time schedule. 

The fastest option is to just repost a track or send a message to our readers. The interview options take a bit longer depending on how many questions you chose to answer.

Generally speaking the process can take anything from less than 60 seconds to 60 minutes if you chose to answer all questions

The nomination e-mail contains the name & email of the person who nominated you. 

We let both our guests as well as readers nominate others.

There are also dedicated volunteers that scout the web for new talent.

Most likely because the person who nominated you, likes your work and wants you to be featured.

Absolutely. Matter of fact, we depend on your good taste. 

Generally speaking yes. We check all nominations, no matter the source. 

We regularly open our invite only community to the outside. The invitation was sent either by a guest or a community member.
All feature nominations are automatically invited to the community. Also if for whatever reason you decide not take advantage of your traxx24 feature nomination simply join the community – your feature will still be waiting for you.

Traxx24 is more than a music blog. It’s a vibrant artist & producer community and features many free downloads. I.e. the worlds biggest music blog & repost list, a music promotion and free blog feature service for our members.