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10.000 Fans in 12 Months without a budget and in any Genre?


This article is about to get to 10.000 fans in 12 months.

Depending on where you´re coming from 10.000 fans may seem like a lot to you.
And 12 months might seem like a short time.

To others this goal may sound realistic or even too low of a number in too long of a time frame. Maybe you already have 10.000 fans or even more.

Either way the number serves just as an example. This article is about ways to plan how to get to your first or next 10.000 fans. So no matter how you got your fans, you´ll now have a plannable way to get more. I want to give you a plan with steps you can retrace. Once you understand the basic idea you can change it to 10.000 fans in one month. 100.000 fans in a month or 1000 fans in 12 months. Whatever suits you.

It´s not so much about the sheer number of fans anyways. What you should focus on is the relationship. Focus on building a fan base of loyal and active fans. Look for quality instead of quantity when it comes to your fan relationships.  You want true fans that stick with you, like and share your posts and buy your art. Having an audience of a few thousand hyper active fans can already make a big difference.  Heck – even a few hundred super active fans can already push your career to new heights.

And with 10.000 true fans you can making a good living.

Even if each true fan just buys something for 20$ each year 10.000 fans would make you a cool 200.000$.
Add concert and publishing revenues and you can make real money – even if theres couple of people in your band.

I know this from experience from my last band that had 50.000 fans and toured extensively.
Sons of Bill the third album by Sons of Bill — KickstarterScreenshot of a Kickstarter Campaign for the Band “Sons of Bill” raising 43.302$ with 524 fans.
That is 82$ per Fan.

Now for this example let´s use the number of 10.000 fans and the time frame of 12 months.
First of all to make the goal more manageable – let´s chop it up into months.  10.000 fans divided through 12. That´s 833 fans per month. 10.000 fans divided through 365. That´s 27 fans per day.

Seems a bit more doable now, doesn´t it?  Maybe you already have some fans and know how fast your fan base is growing right now.  And maybe you´re already growing at a few fans per day. So if you look at it from that perspective it´s not that much.

Ok, so how do we get 833 fans every month?


First thing to do is realize that those fans don´t all come from one channel. Let´s go through a few possible ways and channels of how fans can find you:

Public Relations, Facebook,Twitter, Youtube, Sites like Soundcloud, Distributors, Live Shows, Record Sales, Partnering with other musicians… There are hundreds of other options of course.

Let´s just focus on three channels for this demonstration.

1. Partnering up with other musicians 
2. Public Relations/ PR Stunts / Press Releases
3. Playing Live

All proven methods to grow your fan base. And they´re compatible to each other. You can mix them up. You can partner up with other musicians while doing a PR stunt and play live. Or just work with them on musical projects.
Now thats just 3 possible channels. Out of hundreds. But for this case it´s more than enough to make the point.

If you divide the 833 fans per month through those 3 channels
you get 277 fans per month.

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That is 9 fans per day per channel. (277 divided by 30 days)
Again. Far more manageable and less intimidating, right?

Or  think about it this way. If you chop up the 10.000 into the 3 channels you have your annual goals by channel.

That´s 3333 fans per channel in this case.

And getting 3333 Fans by partnering up with other musicians, PR or playing live isn’t that much at all. Especially if you have a whole year to do it.

Let´s go through it on channel by channel basis.

1. Partnering up with other musicians
E.g. music collaborations or other cooperative efforts like tours or concerts.
So how would you get to your goal of 3333 fans by partnering up with other musicians?

First of all you need a list of musicians that would partner with you.

Example: 4 Partner Bands/Musicians
3333 fans with 4 partners.

Let´s say you partner with around 4 different artists per year. Let´s say each artist sends you 844 fans: You got yourself 3333 fans. In real life the numbers won´t be as even of course – but you get the point.

You could achieve that by collaborating on songs easily.

2. Public Relations/ PR Stunts / Press releases

So how would you get to your goal of 3333 fans using public relations? Let´s say you send out one press release and notice you gain an average of 1111 fans per release. Now you know that you either need to change your PR strategy to get more exposure. Or that you need to send 3x more press releases out to reach your 3333 fan goal.

Both strategies are realistic. Even in the worst case it would just mean you had to send more press releases or think of more innovative press angles to get to that goals

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3. Live shows.
Let´s take the example of a tour. With each gig you make sure you capture all your fans social media and email data. (It´s something we cover how to do in our courses

Let´s say for examples sake you got 10 gigs on your tour. Each gig brings 333 new fans = 3333 fans.

Again, the numbers obviously won´t be that even in real life. There will always be ups and downs. But you´ll also have an average.  If you´ll be playing a venue with an average capacity of 500+ people  and use the special techniques we teach in our courses these numbers can be achieved.


The idea of this article was to make you understand that you can plan your success and fan growth – if you want to.

The ways the pros do it is to create systems that once they´re built collect fans for them. They are building their fan base on autopilot so to speak. Like for example having a series of Soundcloud tracks, Youtube videos or social media profiles that attract and convert visitors into fans. That is also the easier way.

If you´re interested in finding out more info on how to grow your fan base make sure you subscribe to our courses. We offer free online coaching that teaches you to find out who your true fans are and how to grow your fan base.

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