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AIDA for musicians


Someone needs to make sure the message gets out. You need to generate buzz by creating original tracks and ideas how to promote them. Others can help you but you better learn how to have some good ideas of your own at first. A good label should have existing loyal press contacts. Ideally contacts that guarantee you press coverage, reviews, gossip stories…whatever gets the job done. They should have track record that demonstrate continuous success in that field. Otherwise you might as well look for someone else or do it yourself. If you are more experienced and have sales already they need to scale those sales up by doing  more promotion. Easy.

Capability:While anyone can do it, your time is limited and you can only
wear so many hats. However if you start, than probably you have no other option than to do it yourself. The label or party helping you should have a cost advantage in doing so or get compensated otherwise. That means that when you have more time than money you need to do it yourself or convince someone else to do it for you – for free. Like fans working for you because they like you so much. [divider top=”0″]

How to…

Contacting the “Media”.

800px-SKY_Sport24_PCRYou can reach them by contacting them yourselves, if you´re alone you can make up a imaginary management firm that represents you that has give an imaginary Public relations company the job to issue
a press release to inform the press about the new kid on the block. With blogs and social media it´s even easier. What are now billion dollar magnates started
somehow and in some if not most cases they bluffed their way into the game.

If perception is reality than it´s better for you to appear bigger, better and more professional than you really are.  In some cases you can appear as “you” just telling bloggers about what is happening. It all depends on what works
with each party. The bigger the company the less informal the communication.

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A Joke
Dad: I want you to marry a girl of my choice.
Son: No.
Dad: The girl is Bill Gates’ daughter.
Son: OK!
Dad goes to Bill Gates:
Dad: I want your daughter to marry my son.
Bill Gates: No way! Do I know you?
Dad: My son is the CEO of the World Bank. Bill Gates: OK! We can arrange for them to meet.
Dad goes to the president of World Bank: Dad: Appoint my son as the CEO of your bank.
Dad: He is the son-in-law of Bill Gates.
President: Hmmm. OK!
This is business.
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Interest. No matter how good the record label
guys are, they are not magicians. Their job is polishing and pushing. It´s easier to polish a diamond than a turd. It´s one thing if the product is good and the audience just isn´t interested but if the audience saw better things before, and they could be your target market you´re doing something wrong. A good label, management or mentor can pinpoint you to what might be a better angle but you have to get the basics right yourself.

Blind leading the blind and hope as strategy is a guaranteed success factor.
For successfully fucking up that is.
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If you cannot demonstrate at least a minimum of “self made success” and have been at it for a few years you are doing something wrong.

Responsibility: I´d say that one is wholly
your responsibility.

Huh. Tough one to swallow.
The truth hurts. I´m sorry!

Capability: If you listen, adapt and give
though shall receive. If you cannot get people at least interested in your dog & pony show and you don´t feel that it´s your responsibility then now is the time to lay down this book. Then read Chapter V mindset again and try to learn that the world does not revolve around you.

How to: Take a look at what you do and how people like it. Take a look at what other stuff people like. What can you do so people like your stuff? How can you deliver value?


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