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Are you making the same mistakes?- What I learned interviewing thousands of musicians

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In 2011 we enthusiastically formulated our plan to save humanity  musicians by finding out once and for all what (if anything) works in today´s music industry.

After having surveyed and interviewed thousands of musicians worldwide to find musicians biggest problems and challenges for years we tired fast. Having started in 2011 a lot piled up. Everyone was really rallied up about how things weren´t going like they were supposed to. Everyone had problems. Like 99 and more problems. Most musicians we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.

We knew then that we hit a nerve. We collected a lot of data and helped hundreds of musicians to surpass their problems and challenge but we didn´t really solve the puzzle. Basically, we were just running around like headless chicken trying to help other helpless chicken (musicians) out here and there.

But I knew we didn´t solve the actual cause.

I knew we needed a methodic approach to cut through all the clutter.
That is until one fateful day I looked at the thousands of survey results and noticed something.

Most of the problems musicians faced were due to a few root causes.

And once you would find out about one root cause it would lead to another one. So in theory at one point there HAD to be a sort of a root cause of root causes. Realizing this changed our whole approach.

Time passed and  one day after looking a through another huge list of problems and potential root causes it hit me.

There were no more layers of root causes.

We just found the root cause, the mother load, the root cause of root causes behind most of the musician’s problems.

While the short time collapse of the music industry had to with it
wasn´t the real reason for most of the problems.

The real problem most musicians suffer from is the lack of connection to their fans.
Most musicians fail to build stable relationships with their fans which build a chain effect that sabotages their career.

And here is the really interesting thing. There is a reason why musicians fail to connect. And the reason starts with them. It´s a lack of self-knowledge or self-awareness (Check out this article about the No#1 reason why musicians fail here)

Basically, most musicians are so self-centered that they fail to see how to connect to their fans. (Click here for another interesting article on this topic you might enjoy: The Five Elements)

Now here is the good news: After spending years researching and reverse-engineering successful musicians careers we were able to develop a course that can teach anyone how to improve their self-awareness. It´s a course that will help you find and connect to your true self and connect with your true fans. Fans that are super loyal and buy music. Actually, it´s even better because real true fans will buy much more than just music – they buy pretty much everything.

If this sounds interesting check out the box below and enroll into our free 4 part coaching videos or take part in our surveys yourself by simply clicking here.

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