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Cavaliers of Fun – 80ies still not DEAD!

Another interview from the freaky side. This time with Ricco from the notorious “Cavaliers of Fun”, spacy electropop from another galaxy.

Q: Who are you?

I’m Ricco Vitali from the Vitali family from Nebula 9. Don’t ask… you don’t want to know. Trust me it’s for your own safety.

Q: If you ask me about your style i would describe it as a gummybearish jelly sugar cotton journey into the 80ies.. How would YOU describe your style?

That’s a pretty good description. I’m used to call it Space Tropical Electropop but sounds a bit too serious. I think I’m going for gummybearish jelly sugar cotton journey (riding a unicorn) into the 80s.

Q: You abused Wham´s Last Xmas with a refix (AGAIN!) – Did the UN come after you?

I ride unicorns and spaceships man! Do you think they can really get me? I’m a Wham fan and Last Xmas deserved a proper refix. I tried but failed! Moving on!

 Tell us about the beginnings…

Q: When did you start making music?
It’s a funny story. My dad, the great Ohp, the ruler of district 7/1 of Nebule 9 killed my mum in a spaceship incident. And that was about it. I bought a synth moved to Earth and started Cavaliers of Fun.

Q: What or who inspired you? (Except Axel F?)

I would have to say Safri Duo. Since I moved to Earth I got this drum part from these guys stuck on my mind. It sure seems like forever so I revolved my entire songwriting around it.

Apart from the all mighty Safri Duo there’s also Daft Punk, Anoraak, Pegase, RAC, Gigamesh, Moullinex, Shelby Grey, Xinobi, Sair, Silenx, Cut Slack but that’s a whole different thing.

Q: How was your grasp of the audio engineering & production at this time? How did you learn producing? Is it all self taught, from the internet and tutorials or mentors and teachers?

Most of it I learnt it along the way. Trying, failing, starting all over, trying, getting a little better, starting all over. It’s mostly learning from your mistakes. But I did studied in SAE London and in Xcompound Nxis 67 on planet RegullaXoxo. Ahhh good times on RegullaXoxo. Have you ever seen a dog playing vocoder while riding a bike? Hell yes!

268493_10151603531704619_727260963_nQ: Tell us about your setup. Are you using mostly software or hardware these days?

Some of the technology is alien so I can’t just simply talk about it. You wouldn’t understand it. I do use old synths like the Juno 1, CZ5000 or cheesy Yamaha’s, weird reverbs like the Monacor and alesis compression and keep it old school using the Logic DAW for PC. Yes for PC!!

Q: Where does this love for the classics come from?
A part of my childhood is on this planet so I grew up listening to these songs that, for me, are almost perfect. Perfection comes in many ways. Some of them make me laugh, others make me goosebumps, others are just darn good. But they aren’t untouchable and it’s cool to listen to different takes of the same song. Messing with perfection is a bit of a hobby.

Q: Are you children of the 80ies?

Back on Nebula 9 we’re on the year 4560 of our lord, the great Yosmitel. Anyway I have fond memories of MacGyver, Michael Knight and Baywatch so…

Q: What is the biggest challenge in your music career right now?

I’ll be releasing an EP called Camp Cof next May so that should be challenging enough. I’m also playing my first show on Planet Dremont, famous for its wild nightlife and unpredictable shows with midgets. Looking forward to that too. It’s gonna be a hell of a 4560 year.

Q: When we interview you in one year, where do you see yourself?

Opening for my friends Daft Punk. It’s funny because they’re androids from a planet close to home and I remember seeing them on Fjky, which is your TV, and they were doing this weird music a bit like Gregorian chanting. Look at them now! They should remember me.


I was a big celebrity on Fjky. I used to do music with knives and a pair of space goats.




Thanks for the interview. May Yosmitel bless you with 5 legged sons. Stay cool!



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