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Do You Have True Fans? – The Real Secret Of Music Industry Success


Are you a musician struggling to break through? Do you want to grow your audience?
Do you want to become a full time musician? Or maybe you´re already full time and just want to make sure you can stay living the lifestyle. Then read this article.

Have you ever been wondering why fans of some musicians buy everything their favorite bands sell while you struggle to sell at all? 

Have you ever asked why it´s so hard for some musicians to sell even
just a few thousand records all while others sell tens or hundreds of thousands of units – without much effort.

Do you sometimes wonder why your fans aren’t as responsive as you would like them to be.
Do you have trouble connecting with your audience?

Here´s the thing: If you had hardcore, true fans you would not have to ask yourself any of these questions.  You wouldn’t have any of these problems.  Don´t believe me? Sounds too easy? 

Let me TRY to CONVINCE you.


Exhibit One: Artists that sell records for decades. 

You know the type of artists whose back catalog rights sell for millions? It´s the type of artists that sell their records even after their death. They sell records ten, twenty, thirty years after their release.

They are the most successful artists in the world – at least on a commercial level.

Their fans are so loyal that they stay with them forever.

They grew up with their music and stay loyal until death.

But this effect isn´t just limited to “big” artists.

Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell still sells about 200,000 copies per year and has sold an estimated 43 million copies worldwide.



Especially small, independent bands often have hardcore fans. 
They travel for dozens or even hundreds of miles to visit their concerts. 
It´s the loyalty that made these kind of bands live their dream.

Their secret: True Fans. 

Exhibit Two: 
Artists that can sell ANYTHING.

Yup. You know the kind. The type of musicians that can sell snow to eskimos and sand to sheiks. Artist like Lady Gaga that sell a crazy 1.5 BILLIONS of perfume. All while making crazy money with record, ticket and merchandise sales already.

Lady_Gaga_Fame_perfume_pic (1)
Lady Gagas perfume “Fame”

Or indie musician Amanda Palmer. She made 1.2 million dollars by offering everything under the earth in her Kickstarter. She has thousands of fans who are willing to spend anything from 1$ up to 1000$ per piece of art she creates. Just google her crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter or Patreon.


That´s the power of true fans.

Still not convinced?


Crazy Fans are crazy…

Exhibit 3: The Exercise
Enter the words “crazy fans” in Google and see what comes up. Look at the images you´ll find. Google for something like “crazy fan stories” and see what comes up. Maybe you´ll even a find a few stories about “Stans” – the type of fan that is half stalker half fan.

Read a few stories about musicians and their super fans.  After a while you´ll find out why we keep on harping on about the power of true fans. What you are lacking isn’t an influential network or capital.  Just at some of of the successful artists out there. You´ll find that most likely you´re not even lacking talent.

Next check kickstarter using this search query looking for all succesfully funded crowdfunding campaigns by clicking here.

When you follow this link you´ll see thousands (over 50.000 last time i checked!!!) of musicians who succesfully funded their projects using crowdfunding combined with the power of true fans.
If you ask me that´s UNDENIABLE PROOF that you too can do it. If you scroll down you´ll see musicans who raised tens of thousands with just a few hundreds fans. If they can do it  so can you!

Here is what I think is stopping you:
What you lack is the ability to connect to an audience that understands you from the depth of your being.

There: I said it.  And i believe that today all artists out there have a chance for success.  Anyone can get heard and connect to their true fans
In the last years we interviewed and surveyed thousands of musicians.

We found that having hyper loyal, true fans was the deciding factor in succeeding as a musician.

The truth is that you cannot succeed without true fans.

Without true fans you are sabotaging your career.

Now ask yourself: Do you have true fans?

Or just a passive audience of lurkers? Is your audience super loyal an d responsive?

Do they like, share and comment to most of your posts? Do they buy? Or are they the living dead?

Check out the True Fans Cheat Sheet and see if you have True Fans Potential.

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