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Drunken Coconut Interview – New Repost Network and much more!

Everyone knows that sadly talent isn´t enough to “make it” in this saturated world of “me too” producers and artists. A few months ago while browsing through some Facebook Groups I discovered a free downloadable guide called “Sacred Coconut Writings” which peaked my interest. It was full with really valuable info so I decided to further investigate who these guys were and if they were legit. Turns out they´re two very friendly and super competent canadians.  When they told me about their newest plans i decided I just HAD to interview them.  So without further ado please enjoy the interview with The Drunken Coconut.

Who are you and what do you do?

Our company, The Drunken Coconut, is a Canadian music marketing company and blog that specialize in a variety of services for any and all music personal. We are a two person team consisting of Ryan Thompson and Ariel Carter. We are home to the worlds first, highest, and only monetized download gate system “The Husk” and the revolutionary new growth platform “Grow With Us”.

We launched our company in April of 2016 with a goal to make our company the most transparent, safe, trustworthy, and beneficial service available in the industry. We are constantly innovating and bringing new platforms and educational content to help everyone in the music industry become more knowledgeable, alert, and to be able to achieve their goals.
When we first talked about launching our company we had to address all the issues today’s artists, labels, and various other music personal face. The biggest issues we saw were: Revenue streams and being able to obtain a high revenue source easily, Growth across social media, connecting with curators/blogs, branding, distribution, and (the biggest one of all) finding a company that you felt comfortable with. There are too many scams out there and the industry is so big and saturated, it seems impossible to know where to start. This is why we created The Drunken Coconut, to solve all of these issues while keeping it straight forward and transparent for everyone.

From your perspective: What is a typical mistake that artists make?

Since our launch back in April 2016, we have seen countless mistakes artists make but we want to focus on two very common and crucial mistakes that artists continually make. If you are one of the artists or individuals who has made these mistakes do not feel bad, as even we made these mistakes. As simple as they are, they are crucial to avoid in the future.

1) Branding & Content: The number one thing you have to do before anything is to create a solid, and professional brand that represents you. We see thousands of artists jump the gun too fast and skip this important step. You cannot do anything or get anywhere in this industry if you do not have a brand of some sort. You need to be able to pitch to industry professionals and various contacts and without a brand, you are going to find it very difficult to move forward. Make sure all your socials are branded the same and all links work, make sure it is professional looking and you take no shortcuts, and make sure you have high-quality content. We cannot stress this enough. You need to start your first step on a strong note. Skipping this or giving it 50% is not acceptable. You will just be causing more work for yourself in the future.

2) Spending money on promotion/ads without doing research: This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, problem we see. Artists finish their track and are excited to get to the promotion stage. They look up the first company or individual who offers something enticing and just pay. It isn’t long before they take to social media saying they have been scammed and received fake statistics or none at all. We get it, there are thousands of sketchy/scammy sites out there that offer, what seems to be, amazing deals and services. Our advice to you, and we cannot stress this enough, is to do a bit of research on the company you are about to pay. Spend 10-20 minutes looking for more information, reach out to them, ask for testimonials, etc etc. If anything feels off to you then it’s safe to say that you should look somewhere else.

This also goes for marketing of any kind. When you are about to spend money on advertising, promotion, or whatever service you need, make sure to research everything you can. You don’t want to end up losing money on something that could have been avoided. We would also recommend to reach out to a few different companies or platforms to compare. Shop around before diving into something unknown.

These two major issues are what we have spent thousands of hours creating the solutions for. Everything we do is to help you. We make sure you are ready to go with your brand before you spend money and we have created two innovative and revolutionary platforms to help you earn revenue and grow insanely fast with absolutely no contracts or catches attached.

What makes you different from others in the field?

What makes us truly different and unique from everyone else, is our platforms. We launched two of the most powerful and revolutionary platforms to help unlimited music industry personal with revenue and growth. We run and own the download gate “The Husk” and the growing advertising platform “Grow With Us”. These two platforms are the first and only of their kind and have helped tens of thousands of music personal across the world.

“The Husk” is the world’s first and only monetized download gate platform. It is 100% free to use and will stay this way forever. We actually pay you to grow. You heard that right. We pay you 10 cents per follower gained through your gates. That means for every ten followers you earn $1. This platform is the easiest and highest monetized platform in the entire industry. You will find the link below.

“Grow With Us” is the most efficient way to grow your SoundCloud and Spotify accounts. This is the only advertising platform in the industry that allows you to take control of your own growth, pay what you want when you want, track live statistics, create unlimited campaigns, and doesn’t require any knowledge of marketing. It is a self-sustained platform. You are in total control. This platform just launched in June 2017 and has been fully endorsed by Headphone Activist and Tipsy Records. It is also used by Big management (Randy Jackson), Falling Apple, Steve Void, and thousands more! We also would like to let you all know that we are always open to meeting and hearing from new individuals and companies. We pride ourself on helping in any way we can and creating new, long lasting relationships. We are all about positivity.

What should our readers do next?

If you are still with us, we wanted to give you a ton of freebies and bonuses today to help get you on your way in this crazy, yet awesome industry. Below you find links to our download gate and growth platforms, official website and blog, testimonials, and our Sacred Coconut Writings which contain over 120 pages of educational content provided in labeled folders for your convenience (PDF format). We are providing those who sign up with our “Grow With Us” platform a special 30% bonus on your first deposit. Who doesn’t love free money?


We provide you with the most efficient and effective tools to help you with your future endeavors. If you have any questions regarding anything don’t be afraid to reach out or follow us on any of our social media pages!


Contact DC at:

+1 226 456 2844
Connect with The Husk!
Snap us! @drunkencoconut
Tweet us @TDCparty
Follow us @thedrunkencoconut

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