Exclusive Interview With Dj Dandylion

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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

I'm a multi-media artist, dancer, dj, and producer of dance music. My specialty is in wordsmithing, curating the soundtrack, and connecting the dots across the globe, spinning in Amsterdam, Berlin, and soon, Reykjavik, Iceland. All of my mixes in Spintuitive Studios, my brainchild, are unedited and live. There is an emphasis on creativity, community, and collaboration, as I've also pushed into the realm of production. Primal Skin, an original track by Erik Elias and I, features my lyrics, and was chosen for Vocal House Sessions 11 compilation by LW Recordings. Berlin Records NYC and Whatever! Records signed us. I've coined the genres Future Ballroom, Hybrid House, and Boutique Jukebox…and neologisms such as Sexualchemy, Vice Versatile, and Namashade. In my spare time, collage therapy, kidstallations, and experimenting with sound take precedent. I currently spin a residency at Rockbar NYC, Bears Night Out/Urban Bear, on its third year. I spin with a mission and that's to make people happy.

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years?

Bassnectar, aka Lorin, was the main reason I decided to step from the dance floor behind the decks. Also, other artists have impacted my creative work ethic like Angelo Tursi/Dorfex Bos…John Cameron Mitchell…Jake Shears…Ana Matronic…Amy Sedaris…Lady Miss Kier…Mr. Means…David Meanix…Justin Vivian Bond…Zaldy…Desi Santiago…Jon Bush…Assume Vivid Astro Focus…Seth Eisen…Natalia Yovane…and so many other friends, too many to name. Since a young boy i was influenced and deeply impacted by New Wave, Soul, Funk, Disco, and Classic/Glam Rock. I found a niche in House Music since moving to Brooklyn 8 years ago, and exposure to the sounds of Saint At Large (and a Dj set at this year's Black Party "Dark Matter"), Soundfactory, and Paradise Garage. After moving from the West Coast and cutting my teeth in SF, Portland, and Hawai'i with a funkier, crunkier, vibe…I've since expanded the repertoire to include the sounds crafted by Bodhi, Detroit Swindle, Gilbert LeFunk, Jimmy Edgar, Demarkus Lewis, and Leon, to name a few. Embracing change, and evolving with time and technology gradually has been a gratuitous affair with my love of art, culture, and music.

What´s new right now?

Spintuition has been my handle since day one of throwing parties and Djing. It's a rather deep concept, continually unfolding. After the releases of co-produced house tracks, Albondiga Bodega and Primal Skin, plus the samba house remix of Aquarela Do Brasil, by Romullo Azaro and Amannda, and their dubs, new projects are underway with vocalist Bridget Barkan, Dj Austin Downey, and FernanDITO. You can catch new Dj mixes on Soundcloud, regularly. And very excited that Dj Dandylion is booked to play in Reykjavik, Iceland next month in December!




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