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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?


My producer name is i, and make 444Hz tuned Dance music largely influenced by Wave:

I’m also one half of New Wulf, alongside my friend Kistokat:

Tuning to 444Hz is amazing, because it means that your music may become more resonant with the Human Heart:

If you are interested in doing this yourself then you could try either:

Our Solararis’ Method in Audacity –

This video shows you how to shift downwards to 432Hz. To shift up to 444hz use the Sliding Timescale/Pitch Shift to increase the Initial and Final Pitch Shift by 0.909%, whilst leaving the Initial and Final Tempo unchanged

If you have the Waves plugin package you could also use Waves’ Soundshifter to Shift from 440 to 444:

Now, I am soon to return to DJing here in London, if you fancy heading out for a shake then keep your eyes here for event info:

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years?

I grew up on Mum’s Cassette’s. This included folks such as Al Green, Tavares and Marvin Gaye:

My Dad is Massively into Northern Soul, and used to follow it lovingly up in Yorkshire. Artists such as Frank Wilson, Major Lance and Darrow Fletcher are definitely worth a listen:

As a teen I religiously listened to Heavy metal. At 16 this evolved into a love for trap, which then in turn changed to focus on UK Grime from 18-21

– – – Today – – –

I am now finally at home with the amazing and emotionally reflective sounds of Wave. DO check it out!

If you like what you hear then you can find an endless stream of amazing music coming from the people behind these labels:

What´s new right now?

I am delighted to share that New Wulf has just entered a new phase of Production

This means that new music is on its way this 2018

Also expect a very special surprise: some London-Based Events alongside the amazing Tipsy Sloth!
As a London-Originating DJ who we met down south, expect some lively vibes and fresh flavours from Falmouth, Cornwall!

Stay locked to our pages for new event clues and info, and Thank You, have a great start to your year!

i <3

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Are you a superfan of anyone? How did you become a superfan? Do you remember how you become a fan and what turned you into super fan? Have you ever thought about why you´re such a fan?


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What was the biggest mistake you made when you started making music and what would be the number one tip you could give to a newcomer musician?


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How do you get gigs? Can you share any tips?


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Do you have good promotion tips for other musicians?


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Do you have insights on how to grow your audience on soundcloud that you want to share with our audience?


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What has been your biggest challenge right now? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?


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How do you personally discover new music?


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Once you discovered new music, do you tell others about the new music/artist you discovered? If yes, how exactly?


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What is your number one tip to improve your music production or songwriting skills?


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What is your best tip for those who struggle with finishing their tracks?


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We meet again in one year. What has changed?


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