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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

I would say basically I'm a musician and an artist, I don't label myself as an Rapper or like M.C. and shit. I feel as if I'm more of a counselor through my music and my music is my own therapy. My birth name is Jeremy Dywanne Carson but people in Liberty City, like where I grew up in Miami-Dade call me "Jerm". I felt like it was some clever shit for people call me. I didn't give myself the nickname but someone found it unique and it carried on. My artist name is JeremyJayTheRealist. It's not Jeremy Jay. It always has to end with "TheRealist". The reason I chose this name is cause I'm a simple person. There's a lot of artist that think of they name like they thinking of a master plan or developing a blueprint. I find it like corny. My mom would say I keep things straight forward when I talk or write and it's always truth, always real. I named myself JeremyJayTheRealist because of her. Other than that my artist name would be "Jeremy Carson"

How would you describe your style and genre?

When someone listens to my music, they'll hear a lot of things that they wouldn't hear regular artist say. The things that most people doesn't want to say , I would say. My lyrics in my music has a lot of bravery. I interpret shit that a lot of people ain't got the balls to say. I feel like that's a way of being free. A way of letting things out. My music is therapy for me and counseling to my listeners. I could do every genre(laughing). Growing up from an musically inclined family I believe I can accept challenges of doing every genre. My father was in the band in highschool. He went to Edison senior high. They were like the best highschool band in Miami-Dade back then. He played trumpet, piano, and guitar. Present day today Edison senior high isn't the best in my opinion (laughing). I know a lot of old heads would say different but I don't really care. That's my dads problem. But because of me growing with music and coming into the world just seeing music , I believe I'll attack every genre as an artist.

Who are your biggest idols ever? Dead or alive, musician or non-musician.

I listen to a lot of jazz. A lot of Duke Ellington. Only because jazz speaks to you as a listener way different than a song with actual lyrics in it. But I would say one of my biggest idols is. Ummmm Jimmy Hendrix. Not only cause his music but because of his whole vibe(laughing). I feel like he's an artist that did whatever the fuck he wanted. Well I wouldn't say it like that cause a lot of people who see my interviews or read the text would probably be like "yea he did drugs, he did cocaine, the drugs came from his headbands and bandannas, so he did whatever he want and messed up. You're tryna copy kid cudi." I mean stupid shit like that. But I care nothing about the mans drug habits or whatever. That's what he does but it's the creativity and how he goes about different situations. His humor (laughing) is very unique and clever. The sarcasm he uses during interviews and then out of no where he says something very real and understanding. It's how human he was, how free he was. His stage performances are indescribable. But the mans amazing. He's my biggest idol

What was the biggest mistake you made when you started making music and what would be the number one tip you could give to a newcomer musician?

Uhhhh ummmm (laughing) I don't make mistakes. Naw everyone makes mistakes. I would say the biggest mistake I've made was. Wait okay I got it. One mistake I have made as an artist was keeping my feelings bottled up. Like not writing down exactly what I feel. Idk if that applies to music or life but yea not writing down my thoughts. When I first started writing i wrote to escape from a lot. I mean I would write about situations I see in families and young teenagers lives. Like abuse, relationships, and like issues. But it would never be about me or about what I'm feeling. The feelings I had bottled up I wouldn't express that in my music I would just take anger out on my friends or other people about the feelings I have instead of writing them down or expressing it through my music. Alright look I feel like it's three types of artist and I can tell you what all my music is about right now. Love. Hate. It's either both or one or the other. But the biggest interpretation I give is that you cannot love without hate. That when you someone or something there's gonna be some hate in the middle of it. But look there's three types of artist. I'm all three (laughing). The first artist is the one that raps or sings about being hurt or feeling the hurt so much that they want to give up and ask questions why they got hurt and they're listeners feel the same way so they relate. This artist gives all their pain to the listeners. The second artist raps or sings about not giving a fuck after they get hurt by a person or certain situation cause they know they're going to get over it and prosper. This artist is encouraging their listeners to not think about the fact that you been hurt, think about the shit you gone do to overcome it. The third artist raps or sings about the person or certain situation that hurt them. They send apologies through their music. They admit their wrongs, they admit their mistakes. Like the trapsoul artist Bryson Tiller. Like big ups to buddy. He does that shit well. But those are the three artist you could be if you write down what you feel. Write down what's about you. I'm not saying what you see in the world isn't something people need to know about through music but I'm just saying for me I wasn't that type of artist. Writing down my life on paper makes me a good artist. My advice to other artist is to make your lyrics about you about what you feel. Don't just keep those feelings inside. Someone is feeling the same feelings cause we are all human

How do you get gigs? Can you share any tips?

Well (laughing) I got gigs cause of my friends. I was in a group After Death Society. They help me with that. We helped each other with that. Honestly I sucked at finding gigs I just stayed in the studio all the time. One thing I learnt from my friends from that group is getting gigs is easy it's just you won't know if it's a good or bad one. I felt like every gig we got we were too good for. You see the other artist performing at the gig and you say to yourself what am I doing here. I'm way better than this. That's what me and my friends would believe and that's a good thing cause it makes you perform way better. What I learnt from them is that any flyer you see, any showcase you see , you should show your face there. You should go for it. Your performing experience is very important. My friends would book more shows than I ever did for us. (Laughing) I honestly believe I never actually booked a gig but I performed a lot

What has been your biggest challenge right now? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

My biggest challenge has definitely been to keep going and not give up. The devil is always working. Everyone isn't perfect and everyone lacks something. But to overcome it I think about where I need to be instead of where I want to be. If I knew music wasn't for me I wouldn't be doing it right now. I'll be a fucking doctor or selling like shoes out my car or some shit or tryna make my own business. But music is the only I feel like fits me. I guess I think if I gave up on that and tried something else I wouldnt be great. Music is where I need to be. Music is how I be great and successful.

How do you promote yourself? Do you have any specific promotion tips for other musicians?

(Laughing) I learnt this from my friends also well I'm not going to call them friends. More like brothers. Cause the shit they did got me further to where I am now and it wasn't even just through music but that's between me and them. But I learned promotion skills through them. Ummm some tips I could give you. Always be excited to share your craft. Always give your fans some unique shit to see. Like don't just post your shit. Do a fucking promoting video. Make your Single a like commercial song for someone's shit on YouTube. Build yourself a promotion team. But another I could give you is to not drown your fans with promotion. People don't wanna see the same shit all day. I don't get on social media but I'm pretty sure people don't wanna see the same shit on their timeline from you and shit(laughing). Just get creative.

We meet again in one year. What has happened?

In one year I'm gonna be working on another album. "Another" album(laughing). Just gotta keep working. That's all imma be doing dropping albums.

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