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King Felix

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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

King Felix is a 29 year old dj and music producer from Los Angeles CA. Felix is a regular performer in the Los Angeles underground house music scene and is known for delivering amazing music with energetic performances that get the crowd on their feet and dancing till the very last beat of his sets.

Felix has played and curated events around the globe including: Japan, Amsterdam, Thailand, and California. Felix currently holds DJ residencies The Dirty Beetles, Fais Do-Do, Union, re:love, Love & Lust (Perish 69 Events), XTRNL, Take Back The Night, =U.S.=, Harmony Gathering, Club Space LA, Subculture, Lucid, and IgNight as well as former resident DJ at Purple 33(La), Empire Lounge (Tokyo), Route 66 (Thailand) and 916 (La).

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years?

When I began my musical career i was highly influenced by a variety of musical genres and artists such as: bands like Queen, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd and the Beatles; Neo classical artists like Wim Mertens, Simon Jeffes, Eric Whitacre; and Electronic Producers Claude VonStroke, Deadmau5, and Dadda Life.

Flash forward 10 years and my musical artist tastes have been moved more towards house artists from around the world such as Jordan Burns, LO'99, Billy Kenny, LoTheif and 219 boys.

What´s new right now?

I'm working finishing my new recording studio in DTLA as well as getting my events up and running for the up and coming summer. I also have a few musical collaborations with artists such as, 2 Tight, Dirty Beetles, Liquorbox, Noise Revolt and Liquid Giraffe set to come out this year.

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Are you a superfan of anyone? How did you become a superfan? Do you remember how you become a fan and what turned you into super fan? Have you ever thought about why you´re such a fan?

Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. They guy is an amazing musician and producer. He has had such a large impact on my musical career and sound.

Claude Vonstroke from DirtyBird. This guy is a champ at being a leader and creating amazing music, legendary record label and events.

I'm a superfan because i look up to them a ton.


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What was the biggest mistake you made when you started making music and what would be the number one tip you could give to a newcomer musician?

I wish i would have been a dj first then a music producer second. I think things work out a little better and quicker for artists when they approach the electronic music scene as a Dj then slowly work into music production when the moment is right.


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How do you get gigs? Can you share any tips?

Go out. Meet people. Acquire music constantly. Find your fav underground group and figure out how to utilize your talents to help that group expand and grow.


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Do you have good promotion tips for other musicians?

Create a logo that goes with your music that you really love and believe in. Find or create a group that aligns itself with your own ideas, musical tastes and dreams.


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Do you have insights on how to grow your audience on soundcloud that you want to share with our audience?

It's all about going out meeting people, playing shows and when people as about your music make sure they have a way of accessing the URL with ease. Either give them a card, write it down in their phone, or text them.


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What has been your biggest challenge right now? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

I love my life. I am enjoying the journey a lot more at this point. Event though life can stress me out at time I am having a blast and i really dont let any challenge own me. Life is about a steady incline that takes time and work. When something knocks me down I do everything i can to get back on my feet as fast as i can again. Because of this i seem to find myself in better and better places as life goes on.


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How do you personally discover new music?

Soundcloud, Youtube, Demos, Going out to dance.


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Once you discovered new music, do you tell others about the new music/artist you discovered? If yes, how exactly?

“I dj it at various events.


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What is your number one tip to improve your music production or songwriting skills?

Put in the hard work for favorite Daw and VSTS: read the manuals, watch tutorials, try out and know exactly what every knob does and how it effects sound, then make a beat with what you have learned.


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What is your best tip for those who struggle with finishing their tracks?

Find the groove. create at least an 8 bar loop with that groove for a particular section. Then make various versions of those loops rather that nit picking every little thing on that one loop. Pick the best ones. Delete the lame ones.

Don't be lazy.

Organize your track by name and color.

Put in the time to add the layers and fx needed to polish the track. So many producers forget that the track really comes together and sounds complete at the end when you add the spit shine to it.


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We meet again in one year. What has changed?

Played more festivals, traveled the world again (or at least made plans to), attend burning man (first time), Finish passing the torch for throwing events in Los Angeles to a few more artists.


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