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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

What’s up TRAXX24 community, this is KYLLJOY. I am a 21-year-old American based DJ/Producer out of Florida, specifically Saint Petersburg. I currently attend Penn State, where I am a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon, and pursue a Landscape Architecture major with a Business/Liberal Arts Minor.

I started getting into EDM and Dubstep when I was in high school, I'd say 10th grade (I was 15 at the time). My friend had asked me if I had ever heard the Skrillex and Nero Remix of Promises, which was the first song I had ever listened to out of the genre. I remember my first thought was, "Damn, this is crazy, how are these sounds even possible?" So, I grabbed my laptop, and got to work.

That was when I first started producing, originally it was just purely me. I didn't know what my influences were, I was just kind of going with what I knew from my music background from schooling. I had a couple tracks that I had produced way earlier in my career from where I am now… but we won’t pay attention to those.

When I got to Penn State, it was alot to handle. Penn State Main Campus (University Park) is currently top 5 in the nation for Landscape Architecture, so my major and its workload are anything but easy. My producing became very spread out and sporadic, no real continuous studio session. I would kind of just start an idea and then come back to it whenever I had time. It sucked, but looking back, it was really helpful actually. Since my producing was so spread out, I more focused on sound design and creating my own sounds to make my tracks stand out from the rest, make them truly mine. Every producer has their signature sound, so I took this time to find mine.

Go a few years later, and it’s the summer going into my junior year of college. Working as a server at a local restaurant out of Safety Harbor, FL, I met some guy named Trevor Brindley. Now I didn't know it, but this guy was about to open up my eyes and take my production in a whole new direction. From working with him, getting ideas, and just sharing our passions of the EDM culture, I finally had enough well produced material to release an EP. My "True Gangsta" EP, which was released in early May of 2017, brought in 35,000 listeners, which you can listen to from the link here:

Every track on this EP was produced using only my laptop and $25 earbuds from a convenience store that had probably gone through the wash a half a dozen times.

After this EP was released, my career really started to pick up. Trevor ended up creating his own record label, OnTapMusic, and a few months later I became a signed DJ/Producer. So much has changed over the past half year so quickly, its actually incredible. I went from a 15-year-old kid who knew nothing about production to being 21 and signed to a label, which is something I never thought I would be able to say. So now I'm just gonna sit back, keep grinding, and ride this chance that I've been given for as long as I can.

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years?

I don’t really know where to begin with influences. Genre wise, I’ve always switched between Deephouse/Dubhouse and Trapstep/Dubstep. For me, it really is a mood thing. I could wake up one day and be in the mood to create a track that’s the style of Ghastly or Joyryde or Habstrakt. The next day I could be completely different. Lately, I have been focusing on Trapstep/Dubstep. That’s my main genre and the one I listen to the most. When I hear Eptic release a banger single or anyone on Never Say Die for that matter, I get hype as hell. I love that, their music is so insane and so grimy, the sound design and production is unreal. Every track slams from that label, I’m telling ya.

I’m also a big fan of Getter and what he has been doing the last few years. I listened to him back when he was on Firepower Records, and since then he has just gone such a different direction with his sound design and composure of his tracks, it’s incredible. In an industry that has so much repetitiveness, he manages to release something completely unique every time he announces. Same with Jauz, he has always been a pioneer for new sound. And now they both have their collectives going, Shred Collective (Getter) and BiteThis! (Jauz), which are both great in that they give their artists so much freedom to do what they want. These guys are leading in how the future of this industry will work, and I give them mad credit.

One of the artists that most heavily influenced the direction I would take my growls specifically was Herobust. I absolutely love metallic bass, and when used correctly, you can create some neck-breaking riddim. I remember I was going to Mad Decent! Block Party with my buddies a couple summers ago in Philly, and one of the artists featured on the lineup was Herobust. At the time, I had no idea who he was, so when he came up I didn’t know what to expect.

He absolutely destroyed the crowd with some of the craziest metallic riddim drops I’ve ever heard, and most of my music since then has been inspired by that moment. Being at MDBP and hearing all of this crazy-ass music and heavy bass, I realized how much I wanted to be the one up on stage. My production quality increased dramatically after that show, it was easy to tell. That’s what eventually led up to my first EP.

Other Artists that I’ve become accustomed to/influenced by:

Black Tiger Sex Machine/Spock/Spag Heddy/Flux Pavillion/Deadmau5/Trampa/Seven Lions/Zeds Dead/Skrillex/Nero/Rezz

What´s new right now?

What’s new right now? Well, Trev and I actually have a lot of things on tap (see what I did there). In the upcoming months, I will be releasing my first album. Guaranteed atleast 6 songs, one in which I’m linking up with Jon Ditty and Foundation from Dunedin, FL, so I’m really excited about that. It’s a rap track with EDM and Dubstep influences, how it sounds so far is awesome. We also have a couple shows in the next couple months in the works with some really big opportunities, so if we can land them then that will definitely be something to look forward to.

I also am applying to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain, the first 6-8 weeks of summer (May-End of June). While I’m there, I’m gonna be working on getting some shows in Europe, so keep your ears open!

To listen to more of my tracks and stay up to date with my latest releases and announcements, you can follow me on my Soundcloud and my Instagram, and also Facebook:

Thank y’all for the interview, stay tuned for more updates and information from myself and my colleagues at OnTapMusic.


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Are you a superfan of anyone? How did you become a superfan? Do you remember how you become a fan and what turned you into super fan? Have you ever thought about why you´re such a fan?

I have no idea to be honest, Never Say Die has my heart right now. I love that label, Never Say Die Vol. 5 is so damn good. But I have so many different artists I've listened to, its hard to pinpoint just one (refer to my answer about my influences).

Always been a fan of Getter, and his dog he just got looks like the homie.


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What was the biggest mistake you made when you started making music and what would be the number one tip you could give to a newcomer musician?


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How do you get gigs? Can you share any tips?


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Do you have good promotion tips for other musicians?


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Do you have insights on how to grow your audience on soundcloud that you want to share with our audience?


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What has been your biggest challenge right now? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

Definitely the balance between school and production. Going to Penn State is a full time commitment, school wise and social wise. I wont go into specifics, but I'm never in one place for a prolonged period of time unless I'm in the design studio for my major working on a project for +15 hours a day. I find time when I can to produce or just sound design at that, but hey, I was able to produce my EP over the course of one semester, so that gives me the confidence that I'm managing my time better for sure.


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How do you personally discover new music?


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Once you discovered new music, do you tell others about the new music/artist you discovered? If yes, how exactly?


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What is your number one tip to improve your music production or songwriting skills?


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What is your best tip for those who struggle with finishing their tracks?


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We meet again in one year. What has changed?

Hopefully, I've played in a handful of shows. Maybe some features, as in people on my tracks and me on others. Im just hoping that I keep progressing. So much has happened within the past few months, that I really cant imagine what one year would bring. I hope and pray only good things.


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