Exclusive Interview With Michael Staple

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Please introduce yourself real quick. Tell our audience about your background and how you go into doing what you´re doing right now.

For those who may or may not have heard of me, I go by my alias, "MaxieDaMan", on YouTube, but my real name is Michael Staple. I am from Brampton, Ontario Canada, and I am a freelance Music Composer for Video Games and a Music Producer on the side.

Music has played a big role in my life since as long as I can remember. My father's side of the family who grew up in Jamaica, were, and still are, musically inclined. Any instrument that my father and his brothers & sisters picked up in church, they would play it with ease. They were the ones who inspired me to get into playing piano around eight years old. I didn't get into producing my first track until I was around thirteen, thanks to my father who was also into producing his own music when I was six or seven years old. Fast forward to today, and I'm producing music for artists, composing songs for games, and even working on my own solo projects.

Please tell our audience what projects have you been working on in the last years?

I have tons of projects that I can't even count. It's one of those things where you start something that you don't finish right away because you have other ideas for a new project, then another one, and vice versa. But, I think I've managed to become more organized this time around. If I can name a few projects that I've been working on over the years, a few of them would have to be, "Aero The Acrobat: Mascots With Attitude Act I", "Ladies of R&B & Soul", and "Hijinx Jams".

For most of my projects, its theme heavy, except for Ladies of R&B & Soul. For that project, anything goes.

What are you currently working on? Do you accept clients and and what kind of projects/work fits your profile?

I am currently composing music for one indie game and three fan games, "Breeze In The Clouds", "Kirby's Dream Land 4, "Mega Man Battle Network Chrono X", and, "Yu-Gi-Oh! Axiom". On top of that I'm working on a Vocaloid album, and currently working alongside Singer & Songwriter from Japan, Mikuro Mika (?????), as a music producer for her very first album. Release date for the album is TBD (To Be Determined).

As I am a very busy man juggling projects on a daily basis, I don't mind checking out my clients' work. If they have potential, I'm all for helping them achieving their dreams. I love projects that have no limitation to creativity, and I'm always open to ideas.