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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

Hey all you wonderful folks that both know and don't me (woohoo Oberclan!) , My name is Obersync. This has been my first active year as an artist or music producer (whichever ya prefer!) Starting from September. 5th 2016 until the present. I'm not going away anytime soon, so in the meanwhile I shall tell you what I'm all about …. Obersync is a single music creator that wants to be the first to really free the bounds of an electronic musical genre. Obersync will commonly go to dance and standard electronic music, but don't be surprised if he throws dub step, ambient, trance, house and all its progressiveness your way. Many of Obersync's tracks do not have vocals, but more and more increasingly have Obersync singing in his own music Obersync will write mostly what moves him (in terms of the sadness) or gets him excited (in terms of all the jumpiness!) Obersync likes to feature music with heavy drum kits or "drum machines" while unexpectedly switching to simple synths. In all I believe everyone has something to find in Obersync because you can really expect —- The unexpected!!! Lots of love!!!

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years? Do you feel that changing tastes over years as artistic growth? ?

My influences Ironically have NOT been from electronic music! I was a big Rage Against the Machine fan in High school and I liked the rock and punk genre. When I was a kid my mom was against that sort of music, but when I showed her The Killers (another one of my favorite bands of all time) she really loved it! Her favorite song is "Human" although mine is "When you were Young" … I remember playing that song on guitar hero and it was indeed good times!! I know have my own electric guitar which i play from time to time!!! If I do get signed to play a show, I'm in fact going to try working something out where I can play solo electric guitar and other instruments by myself over my recorded tracks. I'd of course like to DJ some as well if the time calls for it! Sorry, Tangent! Yes my tastes do change over time, and that's also part of the next question in how I've discovered other artists…. ALMOST 98% THROUGH FILM!!!! I found Rage Against the Machine "Calm Like a Bomb" listening to the credits of the Matrix, I loved "Khyber Pass" by Ministry through the credits of The Hurt Locker!!! I just recently got the whole soundtrack album for the Movie Dredd – "Order in the Chaos", which I've used as a HUGE inspiration for my upcoming 10th album which I am LOVING so far!!! Still — all that said, I have some electronic artists I really dig including XL Junkie "In the Trunk" <— that one is COOL! I couldn't stop listening to Deadmau5 "Strobe" a very intricate piece and "Diplodocus" by Noisia! As you can see my taste is as eclectic as the music I create!!!

What´s new right now?

Wow!!! Lots new!!! I just go my new Obersync T-shirts in, My 10th album is halfway to completion. I've been running around trying to get Obersync into film and video games (although with no success unfortunately). But Still, its been A HUGE adventure seeing where Obersync is going because I have no clue and that's whats exciting!!! I'd typically stick with a type of sound for an album until I run out and then there's the next new thing for me! I would really like to live gigs and see where my music could go (I'm looking at you Toronto)!!! The 10th album is called "Mastery of The Dead City" I'm pretty sure — I like to paint visual ideas in that regard. YES YES I'd love some help as always — really just google – – obersync – – you'll find me easily enough and just explore! I have a Facebook and you tube you can sign up for and twitter. And finally, the most important thing for me is for you all to tell me what you're doing! Whats new in your life! To me its more than making the music and spitting it out – – what do you my "oberfans" whats your favorite song? what don't you like? I want to be just as involved in your goals and dreams as much as you are involved in mine!!! Can't wait to hear from more of the world – – you can find me on all these platforms and I check as often as I can!!! Again, thank you so much for hearing my story and I promise to be super excited to hear yours!!! – Obersync

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What was the biggest mistake you made when you started making music and what would be the number one tip you could give to a newcomer musician?

Even after a year, just simply thinking "If I build it, they will come." or "The more you do, the more successful you will be." No, it really takes an extra of something else, and I'm trying to dig in all the little corners to find it. But whatever it may be you still need Grit as a number 1 key to success. For example Obersync will go on for as long as I live until I reach my goal of 1 million fans … now THAT is grit!!!


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How do you get gigs? Can you share any tips?

I'd actually Like to hear from others how to get gigs … I'm clueless!!!


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What has been your biggest challenge right now? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

WHOO!!! Getting a community and people to listen all together!!! Easily – – you could be (and I say this a lot) "the most prolific, the most moving, the "greatest" … but it doesn't really mean anything unless there is a mass to approve it … and I mean this in a kindhearted way to EVERYTHING! Science – Math – Inventors of all things – Art – Business … do you think Einstein would be Einstein if there wasn't a community around that had said — 'you were right Einstein, the E = Mc2 is the best possible logic!' See what I mean !!! Its 100% true of all!


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How do you promote yourself? Do you have any specific promotion tips for other musicians?

oooohhhh I have my own sneak arounds and experiments that I try (and they are secret!!!). Since I'm not exactly a playing musician, I still can be but for now its simply focused on the music at hand being the best it can be. Bands get in sound mixers, technicians , ya know the whole 80 piece people on their side like a Justin Bieber crew. I'm just ONE guy. ONE. No one got me the followers, no one did my promotion. I went to each person and made responses individually. That I am indeed real. Not DM'ing messages to "Come see this" or "come see this"… instead I'll say… "what is your music" or "what do you like" — people like to think inwards about coming to me and its become so much that no one is going to take it anymore. Out of all of what I've said before — the best specific promotional tip I can give is to TAKE AN INTEREST IN OTHERS FIRST — all the while YOU SHARE — now its even … give them comments and advice about what you heard … constructive feedback. I promise you the reward and the outlook from your fans is far greater! I stumbled at first because I couldn't find a way to get it up to where I wanted immediately , but you have to understand its a process and NO ONE just goes from 0 – 1,000, 000 and I say this in the kindest possible way!


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We meet again in one year. What has changed?

LOTS OF MUSIC HAD BEEN CREATED!!! My concrete plan is uncertain — whether I go back to school and pursue a masters degree, or find a steady job … All I know is I got a goal in mind and when I promise myself something (that has only happened maybe 6 or 7 times in my life) I do not stop until that goal is completed … like DO NOT STOP. I have about 130 or so songs as Obersync and I hope that in part proves that. I love to hear and I love to be heard. Live a life in balance and goodness!


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