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Please introduce yourself real quick…


I am Pareace-Laranza, Songwriter, Singer,Creative producer, from the world of South-East London.

What do you do?


I’m a Singer, songwriter, Co-producer, visual Creative from London, to be honest, I was welcomed into the world of performing at the early age of Eight years old, my family being from a musical background and lovers of reggae, soul, R&B being played all the time around the house from my mother and father influenced me more to really love the sound of instruments and words. My focus from the age of Eight was the platform/idea of Performing, something that I was heavily interested in and new that I wanted to do. I studied musical Theatre which allowed me to be very open to the idea of music, Dance, and Theatre which helped me a lot to figure out my interests in what I truly enjoyed. Music and Dance stood out the most for me and they both were something that would make my belly turn with excitement or connect emotionally and allow me to express everything I was feeling. Around the age of sixteen, I knew I wanted to take music more seriously and I would Songwriter more and which things began to make more sense than it ever did. I’ve been songwriting from when I was Eleven and of course, there’s not much to talk about at that age but I also found the need to write poems, songs, or write poems and make them into the song it was a way of feeling free. It wasn’t till I went to Brit for Performing Arts, where I was able to meet so many creatives and learn so much about music and performing. I was able to co-write with other artists established and non-established/performers and really grow as individual artists. I then studied Music at university, which really made things a little better in terms of knowing what’s needed, what roads I could go on to push myself in the industry. But it made things harder because I knew there was so much I needed to gather, and have as an artist. I released my first EP This year January 2017 called “Hidden Colours” available everywhere (ITunes, Amazon music, Shazam). To shortly break down the what the EP is about, the EP is about my past in terms of emotions and the truth with friendships, relationships, people. I wanted to do it in a different way in terms of using the world of “Colours”. I love Colours all different types, I’ve always felt that there’s so much meaning to each colour. So, I did a lot of research to find out the meanings of each colour in general and culturally. So, with each song, I would pick out a colour that I could relate to how I feel and express how I felt pen to paper. It was probably the best and fun experience I’ve had when writing music, emotional at times of course but it was for the most of it fun. The producers that I collaborated with on the project knew exactly what I was looking for the project and exactly the sound and story I wanted to share. (Producers Master Touch Records, YEARS, Josh Davis) really dope producers who were behind making this EP happen and I Co-produce with them on my project which really helped and made the EP the success its become. I have a few gigs coming next year 2018 which will be all on my media social sites and any more information about what is to come from me.

What´s new right now?

I have just realised my new music Video called “Blown” Via YouTube (PareaceLaranza), I’m so proud of this art that I have created and would say it’s one of many to come of my best work visually, (Jamal Anthony) the amazing visual director for this project. Like I mentioned previously before about the colours that’s exactly the idea for this music video. Relating the meanings of each colour and finding ways to express them correctly for it to be strikingly beautiful, but very full-filling. I wanted to find a way to express it in all forms, ever on my body, in the background, styling (Hannah Ruane and myself, stylists) and on my face somewhat way for it to be relatable to me but for my fans/audience, instead of just watching something for it being just something. I’m working on my second EP, which will be out next year 2018, and I will be collaborating with more creatives next year. My EP “Hidden Colours” is out now available on, ITunes, Amazon music, Shazam, Spotify.

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Are you a superfan of anyone? How did you become a superfan? Do you remember how you become a fan and what turned you into super fan? Have you ever thought about why you´re such a fan?


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What was the biggest mistake you made when you started making music and what would be the number one tip you could give to a newcomer musician?




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