Please introduce yourself real quick...

I go by the name of RickGotEmHatin. Lil Rick, Lil Water Vercetti, you feel me. I'm also known as the "Swag God" where i'm from. I'm from Pontiac, MI. But I'm influenced by the Southern Culture. Growing up, that's what I would see on TV. Especially around the time when Pimp C was locked up. Rest in peace to him. I'm the leader of my group U$NG. United Swag Nation Gang. And most of all, I'm the future.

What do you do?

I rap, and I also make beats. I just been workin' though man. I work with my group on various amounts of songs, I have dozens of songs that I dropped, and songs that I haven't even released yet. I always try to make every song as dope as I can. My mans TreOnTheBeat is who I enjoy working with the most, Production wise. His sound fits perfectly with my flow, you know what I'm sayin'. That's my dog right there. We got big things comin' up for 2018. It's gonna be big. Me, him and my mans DDG. We about to be comin' hard. Constantly, you know what i'm sayin'.

What´s new right now?

I have a few projects coming up that I'm currently working on. They're going to be dope. I just released a new mixtape on my soundcloud not too long ago. I also released a mixtape Called "Lil Water With The Juice" Executive Produced by my mans TreOnTheBeat on all streaming services. Like iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, etc.
I'm making new beats damn near everyday. I have a website for my beats everyone can check out.
It's a lot of new things comin' up for 2018 though. Y'all are just gonna have to stay tuned in. Shout out to everybody out there that's rockin' with me. Everyone that's been ridin' with me the whole way. Since the beginning, you feel me. Swag.

What is your number one tip to improve your music production or songwriting skills?

My Number one tip is stay focused. That's the most important thing right there. Stay focused, and be creative and original. Originality attracts people's ears.

What is your best tip for those who struggle with finishing their tracks?

Always go with your first mind. And most importantly, don't have your mind crowded with thoughts. Free your mind and you'll flow much more easier. You don't want to have writer's block, that's the worst thing ever. Set your mind free and flow.

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