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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

My name's Stefano Ricci (Aka dj Stex). I'm from Italy. Composer, sound engineering, manager producer. Started working in 1989 organizing tours and productions, collaborating with agencies and different radio. Main genres: Funky, Break, Electro, NuDisco… I've foundedYoung NRG Productions , italian independent label since 1989. I produce over 30 genres of music and artists from UK, CA, DE, IT, FR.
Actually I'm Broadcasting in the multi award winning NSB

How would you describe your style and genre?

Funky, old skool.
My roots are hip hop and jazz.
My main genres are Break, Funky Breaks, Tribal.

Who are your biggest idols ever? Dead or alive, musician or non-musician.

Ice Cube, Ice T, Guru Jazzmatazz, BDP, Public Enemy, SisterSoulJa, NWA, DelaSoul, DasEFX, Cypress Hill, GangStarr, Outside, Goldie, Dnote, Vangelis, Kraftwerk, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Miles Davis, Max Roach, Charles Mingus, Art Blakey, Bill Evans, Art Tatum, Billy Cobham, Horace Silver, Japan, Lounge Lizard, Weather Report, Brand X, Symphony X, Devo, Frank Zappa…

What was the biggest mistake you made when you started making music and what would be the number one tip you could give to a newcomer musician?

I don't think to made biggest mistake in my music life, when I started making music. Every second of my life is an experience to grow up. I've had friends, masters, teachers always by my side. Then I got a second chance, and third and…
At the newcomer musician: believe in yourself and your music. Do it for yourself and have a fun.

How do you get gigs? Can you share any tips?

I've opened my own agencies. I've my own database with contacts.
Every months I'm looking for new contacts. I'm looking for all best club in every country.. but to spread the word "Best solution" always.

What has been your biggest challenge right now? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

1) To give confidence in the music business market. To find the right sound, genre, frequencies. To find best solution for our label. To have in top chart our releases.
2) yes I've been able to overcome that challenge.
3) I lived for 2 years in UK. I studied and works as a sound engineer. To stay in contact with this kind of reality (Funk, breaks, dnb, jungle)

How do you promote yourself? Do you have any specific promotion tips for other musicians?

I promote myself with videos, newsletters, sharing promo around the web, blogs, social networks, remix. I promote myself in radio and I'm looking into some new collaboration.
specific promotion tips : social network is the best public relation for the music, when it's used properly.

We meet again in one year. What has happened?

New label, new genres of music, new studio in UK, a lot of new productions.





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