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How to run a small label & agency – The Holographic People Interview

avatar_8b6c188d623d_128Here at Traxx24 we interview musicians, producers, singers and djs but also music promotion companies, labels, booking and management agencies. Holographic people is all three, a label, management and booking agency from Barcelona who among others also has Cavaliers of Fun,- who we interviewed recently, on their roster. For everyone with ambitions to run their own small label or agency this interview is perfect place to learn.


Q: Tell us a bit about your label history. When was your label founded?
Was it set up to release your own music or a specific band at first?531615_462083587195197_1825402282_n

Holographic People was born about two years ago and we had our first release in May 2011. By then I did management for Shelby Grey, Clancy, Worship and Cavaliers of Fun and they were doing amazing music but we didn’t know where to release it so I decided to set up the label to release their music. I don´t produce myself, I just love music.

Q: How did you get your label off the ground? Looking back, what was the single best decision you made when setting up your business?

Looking back I can say that the best decision was that I got started immediately with a lot of motivation, following my gut feeling.
And of course, many hours of work

317966_438640006206222_1244803673_nQ:As a small label, what are the biggest challenges you face?

Getting the maximum out of the money, basically turning the cents inside out. It s also important to find the right people to work with.

Q: Similarly, what is the single worst choice you made when getting the
label going? What one thing would you tell other to never do?
I don t regret any decision that has been taken so far. Obviously you learn a lot along the way and there are things that I would have done different today but I can t tell one specific thing that others should avoid. Just be prepared that it will take a lot of time and that you ll rather lose than earn money.

400231_401398909930332_1136605400_nQ: How did you go about finding other bands for the label?
The label is build up on the artists that have been there from the beginning, Shelby Grey, Clancy, Worship and Cavaliers of Fun. I get plenty of demos but I’m really picky, always looking for something special. The label is my baby and I wouldn’t release a track that I don’t love.

Q: How important are contracts for a small label?
What kind of contracts do you have with the bands on the label?
It’s important to have a contract to rely on if there one day would be a conflict. However what I have learned is that it gets especially important when you work with people you don’t know or when it comes to collaborations and several people involved. A friend of mine is lawyer so he helped me to sort out the contracts, making them easy to understand but with all the important aspects in it.


[quote style=”1″] …for me social media and blogs have already taken the place of most traditional media…[/quote]

599113_349880615082162_911104184_nQ: What have you learned running the label?
It’s hard work but so worth it when you get a new amazing track/EP to release and when you get good feedback from fans, djs and the shops.
Professionally speaking I have learned much more from these two years running the label than from my studies and other jobs so it is definitely a great experience.

Q: How do you promote your bands? Do you use any external companies and
services or is it all “in-house” promotion? How do you cope with
promotion budgets when bigger labels have more money than you do?
Most of the releases have been promoted in-house due to budget limitations. I have tried to work with some external companies but so far I haven t found one that I m satisfied with.
If I would have had an unlimited budget I m convinced that the label would be on another level today which is frustrating but our day will come.
Q: At a small label, keeping an eye on the budget is always important.
When you are promoting a new release, how do you prioritize your promotional budget? If you could only spend money on one thing say, a
radio promotion company, a print media promotion company or advertising, what would you choose? Why?
It would depend on the release and the artist but it would be based online where the target groups are and it s also where you can make the most out of the money.

Q: How important do you think it is for bands to promote themselves on
the internet? Do you think social networks and blog can take the place of more
traditional promotion routes?
If your fanbase is online you have to be online to be able to connect with them. Most probably, Holographic People wouldn t exist if it wasn t for internet and for me social media and blogs have already taken the place of most traditional media, with exception from some radio stations like BBC Radio 1 in England and Triple J in Australia.


Thans to  Sarah/ Holographic People for this interview!!!

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