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Joren Hëelsing on being discovered by Armin van Buuren

promo_pic_01Trance Producer and DJ Joren Hëelsing from Hungary gives us an insight into his work, life and how he managed to get featured in the Armin van Buuren Radio Show “State of Trance” – without any introduction or references. Check out this clip of the Radio Show below.[divider top=”0″][vsw id=”fv-JcFHCAls” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]
Q: Who are you?
Hello! I’m Norbert Opoczki a.k.a. Joren Hëelsing, 25 years old, Hungarian dj and producer.
I create electronic music, mostly in uplifting and progressive trance style.
But only a few people know about my “dark side”. I create music in Hardstyle genre, under the name “Frywen”.
Q: The Beginnings – When did you start making electronic music?
My first attempt as producer was at the summer of 2002.
Q: What or who inspired you?
Who inspired me? Haha! It’s a funny story. That was me.
In that time (2002) i had no money to buy expensive gadgets for mixing. I only had my computer with 2 music player programs and a lot of free time. A typical hot summer afternoon, somehow, don’t ask me how…but i was played two tracks at the same time with those two programs and it worked! It was only 10 seconds but it changed my life forever.
Q: How would you describe your style?
It’s a hard question. I’m not able to describe it. It’s just Trance music. It’s melodic, emotional, euphoric…spiced with some lyric vocals between 130 and 141 bpm. I’m pretty sure that the fans of this genre knows what it means to be a “Trancer”.
Q: How was your grasp of the audio engineering & production at this time? How did you learn producing? Is it all self taught, from the internet and tutorials or mentors and teachers?
I’ve learned all by myself. At the beginning i used a program called “Dance Ejay” than a few months later i read a lot of good critic about “Fruity Loops”. I tried all of the top sequencers of the market but Fruity Loops was the best for me. Ever since i started working with FL…still love it!
Q: Tell us about your setup. Are you using mostly software or hardware these days?
I’m using a lot of software.
Q: What are your five favorite instrument and effect plugins?
Nexus 2, Genesis, Audio Helix, Sytrus, Vanguard
Q: Who are the artists who have influenced you the most right now?
Heatbeat, Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Stoneface & terminal, Simon Patterson, Ummet Ozcan, Cosmic Gate, Dash Berlin, Atb, Norin & Rad, Aly & Fila, Super8 & Tab
Q: What is your typical work schedule like?
I’m working like other people to pay my bills. My studio is my second place where i’m working. When i come home my first thing is to push my computer “power” button. When i’m working on a song, i always start with the melody of course, than i try to find some ideas for the beat (drums and stuff).
Q: How do you promote your music? Are there any music promotion services you can recommend?
I like soundcloud. I think nowadays…soundcloud is the best way to share your music with other people or with other musicians. And of course…there’s facebook.
Q: If you could only take one piece of gear on the road with you besides your laptop, what would it be?
It would be my psp. I’m a big fan of FIFA.
Q: What is your favorite animal?
Naturally the dog, i also have a dog, it’s called Boby.
Q: What would your personal dream life look like?
My personal dream is to play at one of the biggest trance events of the world.
Q: And what would be your worst nightmare scenario in life?
if i could not play on that certain trance event…
In a parallel universe Q: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be and why?
In a parallel universe…i would be an Event Organizer. So i can give a chance to young talents. I’d like that.
The Future Q: When we interview you in one year, where do you see yourself?
That’s a good question. I see myself in my studio. I don’t know. I’ll work hard and we’ll see what’s gonna be.
Q: Your track: “The cover of the night” was featured on the famous “A state of trance” radio show
by your idol  Armin van Buuren. That must have been an amazing feeling! How did that happen
and how did you “make it” into the radio show? It says in the radio show that someone uploaded
the track to the FTP… Tell us more please. 
First i have to tell something..,i never thought that he will play one of my tune, not even this one. The tune was released by Stories in trance recordings, but before that i just thought that i have to try to upload on his ftp. As i’m a big fan of him and his radio show ‘joren helsing tn
State Of Trance’ i was tuned in when he just played the tune with nice comment and it touched my heart a lot!  For me it was an unbelievable and priceless moment and episode too. I have to say that it was a milestone in my life what i’ll never forget! Still it’s inspire me even if it’s unbelievable a bit, but it’s so true. I just hope, that i will able to do something interesting in the near future what he will likes enough for playing that… I’m working on it
Thank you! If you want to get in touch with Joren or hear more of his music get in touch check it out here:


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