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Lazy Rich on the secret to success!

Lazy7Here at Traxx24 we mainly focus on small and  middle size artists who are on their way to make it big – but some times we interview those artists who used to be relatively unknown, “made it big” and try to find out their success secrets.  Vancouver Producer Lazy Rich blew up in 2011 but has been in the game for a long time before. Lazy is a great example of an artist with great sense for music, promotion and a the power of an motivated  professional management. Surprisingly Lazy is also an music entrepreneur and coder who runs an own digital distribution company and his own label. Rich’s remix and collaboration credits include, Lady Gaga, Avicii, Fatboy Slim, Deadmau5,  Chris Lake, Steve Aoki, Morgan Page, Zedd, Porter Robinson, John Dahlback, X>Press>2 and  the list goes on.

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Rich scored an incredible amount of production success, both as chart toppers and underground hits with #1s on Beatport, Trackitdown, Juno, The Buzz Chart and over 100 tracks charting in the Beatport electro>house top 100. His  SoundCloud page alone marked an amazing one>million plays at the end of 2012, after less than 2 years since its inception.
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Q: Who are you?

Lazy Rich [divider top=”0″]

Q: Who came up with your name? Is it a subtle forewarning on things to come or just a good conversation starter?

I stole it from that track by X-press 2. I’m actually not lazy, nor am I that rich. [divider top=”0″]
Q: You said in an interview Complextro is OUT and you don´t want to be associated with it – How would YOU describe your style?

I don’t NOT want to be associated with it, I still like it, I still like the guys that make it and I’m still proud of all the complextro tracks I’ve made. There’s definitely still a place for it if an original direction is taken with it. What IS out, is tracks made of random samples taken from Vengeance packs. My style right now is all over the place, I try to cover the whole of the genre (maybe with the exception of the Melbourne stuff) of electro house, from hard gritty wobbles to more commercial vocal stuff.

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Tell us about the beginnings…

Q: When did you start making electronic music?  What or who inspired you? How was your grasp of the audio engineering & production at this time? How did you learn producing? Is it all self taught, from the internet and tutorials or mentors and teachers?

I started about 6 years ago with some help from Hirshee. I put in most of the hard work myself tho, I locked myself away for a year or two and just kept making tracks.

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Q: Tell us about your setup. Are you using mostly software or hardware these days?

Super simple, just a PC running Cubase. [divider top=”0″]

Q: What are your five favorite instrument and effect plugins?

Just basic stuff really, Massive and Sylenth for synths and then the Waves, TC and Oxford Sonnox plugins
Lazy6[divider top=”0″]
Q: What made you BLOW UP in 2011? What is the SECRET to your success? Was it a “lucky break” or the culmination of years of hard work?

A bit of both, I’ve been producing a fair while and have been pretty consistent, but I have been offered a number of big remix opportunities over the years that have helped, mainly the Avicii and Fatboy Slim remixes.

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Q: How do you promote your music? Any career boosting tips for musicians and producers in our audience?

That’s the tough part! I do a monthly radio show / podcast, and I try to be as active on facebook and twitter as possible, but I think it’s very important not to bore or annoy people with your posts.

Q: How do you distribute your music? Are there any digital distribution services that worked for you which you can recommend to our readers?

Are there any tricks in climbing up the Beatport and Juno charts or is it all about popularity?

The only digital distribution worth mentioning is Label Engine (my own company) – we offer the guaranteed best deal and service for digital distribution in addition to free use of our accounting / promotion / label management tools – check out for more info. To climb the charts you’ve just gotta make sure your tracks are good.

Q: Let´s talk about djing and live gigs. Do you remember your first gigs? How were your first experiences with finding and playing gigs. Was it complicated finding a booking agency or clubs to play at and how were the first gigs received? What´s it like on tour for you?Yeah of course, I’ve been DJing for over 13 years now so I’ve played all sorts of gigs. Things really took off when I started producing and I got approached by my current management who have been incredible. On tour I’m very focused on the task at hand, you have to treat it like a job if you’re going to be doing it long-term.
[divider top=”0″]Personal stuff…
Q: What would your personal dream life look like?
I’d love to be successful enough to make a positive change to other people’s lives.Q: And what would be your worst nightmare scenario in life?
Having to watch ‘Spring Breakers’ again.The FUTURE…
Q: When we interview you in one year, where do you see yourself?
Kinda the same, but better!

Thanks Lazy for this interview! 


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