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Making The Most Of Your Interview

So you were just interviewed  by us or another media outlet.

Hooray! You are probably euphoric! Maybe it´s your first interview.
Or you´re all “Meh” – it´s just a routine job because you´ve done dozens or
even hundreds of them. Either way this article is for both beginners and
intermediates that look for ways to optimize their interview results.

Optimize you ask? What is there to optimize?
I´ve done all the work and answered the questions.
Not much left to do, right?

Not quite.

Answering Interview Questions Is Only Half The Work

The other part, some say it´s just as important as asnwering the questions,
is making sure that your fans see the interview and ideally learn something
NEW about you.

This is why we created this guide for you… It´s called:


Here is how to make sure you get the most interview “bang for your buck”

Step 1 – Re-Post.. Often

Make sure you share your interviews on your social media and email channels regularly. While sharing it once used to be fine a few years ago in todays age of dwindling social media reach (Only 10% or less really see your posts and under 5% click) you have to use either promoted posts or use multiple re-posts to really reach all your fans. After you finished the interview make sure you re-post it multiple times the first week, then re-post it for a few more weeks in a weekly interval (minimum).

Step 2 – Integrate the interview into the 

Create a welcome sequence for all new fans. Make sure all new fans get to read/view your interview(s). At the very moment someone becomes a new fan they´re excited and want to know more about you. Ideally you have a formal “on-boarding” sequence that welcomes your new fans “on board” of your fan community. You can do this by creating an e-mail sequence using an automated software like Active Campaign (It´s what we use) or by using a sticky post on your facebook page or group. (Not as elegant)  Subscribe to our e-mail community if you want to know more about how to bond with your fans.

Step 3 – Create a clear objective for each interview

Make sure you have a clear objective for each interview.  If you have an upcoming album or something else planned (a tour, crowdfunding campaign, a new merch collection) make sure you keep on mentioning it multiple times (and don´t forget to mention at all!)

While you cannot control the questions the interviewers will ask, you can control your answers. And there are some questions where you can elegantly segue from the original question to what your trying to say.

Step 4 – Show personality

Each interview has a formal and an informal part. There is the information and the personality part. The way humans bond is NOT by agreeing on things rationally.  Show personality in your interviews by sharing personal details from your life.  Sure, it makes you become more vulnerable but it also makes you more human. If you´re just semi-likeable your fans will return the favor by feeling closer to you than before.

Step 5 – Attract and Bond to True Fans

deally your interviews help you attract and bond with true fans and and not just regular social media followers or fans/likes.
What´s the difference?  It´s simple. True Fans are the ones who support you, share and buy your stuff. The really hardcore ones
stay with you forever. They are the kind of fans that old rock bands have, that have been going for 30-40 years or longer.
They are the kind of fans that buy everything their favorite artists release because they love them so much.

Want to find out more about how to get True Fans? Get our True Fans Cheat Sheet and find out how you too can attract
and bond with True Fans.


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