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Musician crowdfunding sites 2013

Crowdfunding musiciansAfter a massive influx of music crowdfunding sites in 2012 its hard to keep track of all the available services which is why we compiled this handy list which should feature all available music crowdsourcing for 2013.

For those who want to get going right away we found a free Kickstarter´s Guide Manual.

Here´s the LIST (last update march 29th 2013) 

The oldie in this young industry and with a massive audience (381 mio$ raised in over 70.000 projects with a 43% success rate!) the biggest crowd funding platform in the world.

Focused on the creative crowd this platform supports musicians, filmmakers and other artists.

The doesnt refer to indie music necessarily.
Like Kickstarter a allround funding platform.

This one was just sent in from the founder, Gio from Italy.
Looks good with lots of activity. Interview may follow 😉

Slick, professional looking interface. Lots of activity. Looks promising.

From Munich, Germany another highly professional and well funded operation focused strictly on music.

Not much activity on their site or their social profiles. Not sure what to make of it.

This is interesting since it´s run by The New York foundation of Arts. Might be just the right platform for artists who fit well into a more classic art context.

Another really good looking crowd funding service with a music focus. (also supports social causes)

Oocto is from France and focuses strictly on music.

Seems to have a focus on the “serious” musician. One of the projects is Jazz Chamber Music.

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Extra TIPS?

The best instructions & tips for what to do and what mistakes to avoid:

A blog dedicated solely to helping artists launch succesful campaigns on kickstarter:

music kickstarterThe number one (well, the only one we could find really) book on Kickstarter funding.


And finally a blog solely dedicated to reporting on crowdfunding for musicians which sadly got discontinued but the author keeps on posting on hypebot so – follow her! 🙂

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