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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

Hi, i'm Da Candy - a keyboardist, producer, singer, songwriter and an international DJ, who is passionated by music since the times i was traveling Europe in a school choir, who empowers women on the stage. By the 2018 i've produced and have collaborated on over 10 songs, have recorded over 50 Mixes of my regular radio edition of Candynation Radioshow you can hear by the Soundcloud link ( or check out on my Youtube Channel, and released over 10 Bootlegs. My favorite genres for today are EDM, Hip-Hop, Bass House, Trap, Moombhaton etc. In 2017 i had over 60 shows in different parts of the world. For my career, that in turn had started in 2011, i have achieved:
- Best DJ at World Girl DJs Festival in France / 2012;
- Diamond DJ by "La Plage" - the largest club in France / 2015;
- Top #7 World DJ by London Publication DjaneMag / 2015;
- Top #9 World DJ by London Publication DjaneMag / 2016;
- Best Europian Female DJ by daf BAMA Music Awards in Germany, Hamburg / 2016;
- Top #10 World DJ by London Publication DjaneMag / 2017.
Among the latest releases you can hear and watch my official music video to a song Runaway - a featuring with New York based RnB singer Nathaniel:

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years?

In 2011 I used to be a singer and a songwriter in RnB band when my friend borrowed me a pair of Technics so I decided to try myself as a DJ. I started to mix vinyls at home. I was really inspired by DJ Craze and Scratch movie, so i think he was one of the main influencers in my career of a dj. I cant specify any particular act who would influence me today. Most of the acts have a few song that i love the most and they affect my music view. I love lots of music and my music taste changes all the time, tho i'm really a fan of a good old RnB and hip-hop vibes. Today i really enjoy to listen to Yellow Claw, Dirt Caps, Carnage, Timbaland, DJ Khaled, Aerocords, Flume, Cesqeaux. Among the rest i would really love to highlight Justin Prime - this is one of the most unique and talented producers i've been honored to work with and indeed he influenced me alot. I also enjoy the vibes that creates Fabian Mazur. If you ask me about the vocals there a plenty of them i really adore: Bobby Brackins, Verse Simmonds, Lil Eddie, Nathaniel (the one i've collaborated on my song Runaway). By the way you will hear Lil Eddie in 2018 on 2 of my upcoming releases.

What´s new right now?

After i was back from my asian tour im completely stuck in studio focused on my production. I'm planning to release around 10 song all different styles in 2018. If you follow me on my socials you might have seen me sticking around with Juicy M during the summer 2017. Indeed we are having a collaboration on top with Boogshe - an MC and rapper from Netherlands. This is going to be a major female collaboration, i believe one of a kind today. The release is scheduled on the and of March right before UMF. Another strong collaboration i can reveal right now is a collab with Luca Rezza and Lil Eddie. Luka is a very talanted producer from Italy. His music taste and view is so close to mine and i really enjoy working with him. Lil Eddie - a singer / rapper from LA, X-Factor coach, a great songwriter well known among the top world artists, one of the most beatiful vocals i've heard. There so much more releases i would really love to tell you about. Unfortunately i have to keep it in secret. But you better follow all my Socials to make sure you don't miss a single one. I promise this year will be full of amazing releases.

Do you have good promotion tips for other musicians?

Fix a monthly / a yearly budget to spend for an advertisement. Try to reach our online/FM radio stations, bloggers, vloggers etc. Their support can be even more valuable than you may think. Don't chase the labels - most of the labels are just a blood suckers) develope your spotify account. Create playlists, submit playlists. Make sure your EPK looks properly. It must not be a zip file with a bunch of your half naked pictures and a list of unrecognized links. It will provide you a better results when creating a promo mailing. Be creative. AND thy music has to be good tho.

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