Our Interview With Ded Stark

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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

I am DED STARK, a self produced lifetime musician and social introvert turned into a self sustaining narrator ... of my sad pathetic life.
I dont want to categorize myself because I dont want to limit the listeners expectations, but you can say my music is melancholy to say the least. People seem to care enough to keep me going though, so I find inspiration and motivation to turn my hardships / struggles into art from events and experiences in my life.

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years?

My influences are vast and have changed tremendously over the decades. I have been playing guitar for almost 20 years (believe it or not) and in the beginning it was def 90s rock and what was popular at the time that inspired me most. Then i got into grunge and metal, and then classic rock and blues. I would only really be inspired by hip hop by the time i reached high school. Having already been the front man (both vocals and guitar) for a number of bands by the middle of high school I really decided to experiment with hip hop beats and home recordings on garage band, which is all i had back then. Long story short since then I have been influenced by almost every kind of music under the sun, even having gone through a pretty heavy edm phase before ultimately burning out on that and getting back to my roots, which was blues / rock / hip hop. Having been removed from the hip hop scene for quite some time before conceiving DED STARK, i was pleasantly surprised to see what kind of hip hop was getting traction in this era. And I figured "I have always been an artist, its all I know" ... which is true. I dont know any other life or dream. I decided to make an effort to contribute to the music world on a large scale. No more time to be timid and let life slip by while other people are pursuing the dreams i could be. And thus DED STARK was born and I have not looked back since. Something feels right about this project. As sad as the music is, its therapeutic and validating for me. I've never been able to speak my mind more clearly. I can finally put my innermost feelings and emotions into words or art that is indeed consumable and appreciated, and this is only the beginning.

What´s new right now?

I JUST dropped a new song yesterday (SQUAD GOALS) and I am now trying to work on a full album for 2020. But for those of you who don't want to wait that long, don't worry theres also 2 more singles ready to go at least, and more music videos on the horizon too. planning more local shows with the help of some homies out here (LA) who I am very thankful for. As much as I have focused on social media growth and releasing consistently in the last year and a half (since the launch of the brand) , I have basically neglected to get buzz in my own city due to my comfort zone. I have had a lot of success from the safety of my room gaining traction through ig/tw/fb with the help of big influencers online I've befriended. But the next phase is getting a bunch more gigs under my belt out here, then hopefully a west coast mini tour... after that we shall see.

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