Night Machine

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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

Hello! My name is Night Machine, I am an up and coming producer who currently is putting out sound from the PNW (Washington to be exact). I have been producing EDM since I was a freshman in high school, I started to get very serious about it senior year and dedicated a lot of my time to learning everything there is to know about music. I am a very creative and curious person so I will make anything from Future Bass to Deep House. I'm dedicated to the goal of letting people from around the world hear my art, Its a dream I've had since I was a kid and I will do anything to get there. Here is an example of what kind of sound to expect from me when my mind is toned towards Future Bass.

Then some days I will be very into the dark and deep sound, which inspired my latest track 'No One'

I am just beginning my journey in music and there is definitely no end in sight, you will be hearing my name more often in the near future. That I guarantee!

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years?

What got me into electronic music was actually Circus Vol.1, which was put together by Flux Pavilion and Doctor P. I put that album on repeat for days on end I couldn't get enough of it, that and really underground artists like J.Rabbit. I was amazed by the sound, it was unlike anything I have ever heard so naturally I started exploring all the electronic music I could find. I went to multiple festivals and concerts which inspired me even more. As of today, I find myself inspired by people like Rezz, Drezo, Bassnectar, k?d, Excision, Dion Timmer, Virtual Riot, and the list goes on and on.

What´s new right now?

As of now I'm grinding really hard in the studio to try and get my name out their before I start to focus on playing live shows. However, I am planning on doing a show up in Pullman and maybe Spokane with my homie BassKnock in the near future so look out for that! Feel free to go checkout my soundcloud and follow me on twitter and youtube! I appreciate any and all support more than you guys could even imagine. Much love.

How do you personally discover new music?

I love to scrounge through soundcloud, Soundcloud is my top platform for discovering new artists by far.

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