SackCity Scoota

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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

I'm SackCity Scoota, I was Born & Raised in Orlando,Fl Until 2008 When I Moved To Albany Ga (LakeWood) And That Is What Made Me The Man I Am Today. If Im Not Hustling Im Workin Or In The Studio. Im Heavily Influenced By Underdogs In The Game Thats Trying To Make A Break Through Just Like Me. I Used To Look Up To More Of The Big Dawgs In The Industry But I Feel That Most Of Them Forget Or Dont Care About Those Who Haven't Made it to their level yet ..So Ill Just Tough It Out With The under dawgs until my time comes & its coming soon believe that.

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years?

My biggest inspiration would be the people behind me, the people who made mistakes which let me learn from them. My own skin color because that lets me know I can do whatever I put my mind to, not being arrogant but confident. And as far as role models go, I really don’t have any. & Today’s music has honestly changed a lot from what I was listening to when I was coming up. There’s a few artists that I do like here and there, but I can’t sugar coat my answer. For the most case I’m not really a big fan of today’s music. I feel like certain artists now don’t have to have talent to get a deal.

What´s new right now?

As Of Right Now You Guys Can BOLO For My New Project #ScootaTheShoota Will Be Available On All Major Music Platforms. You also need to follow me on SnapChat & Instagram @sackcity.scoota. & Check me on (

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