The Rhetoriks

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Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

The Rhetoriks are an Urban/Electronic Dance/Pop music recording duo made up of Singer-songwriter Elle Mariachi, & Rapper Jay Active. We formed in late 2013 after connecting through BBC 1xtra, DJ Target’s #TargetsNoticeBoard hashtag on twitter for collaborators and soon found we were featured on the same track through a mutual acquaintance. Together we share an undeniable musical chemistry that has seen us perform at a variety of club venues and festivals across the U.K. supporting major artists.
Career highlights include independently gaining a top 20 in the UK commercial club chart, with our debut single, ‘Take My Soul Away.’ Our second release, with a dance festival vibe, undeniably complimented its predecessor, giving us our first ‘Top 10’ with ‘Yeah I do’, peaking at No9 in the UK Commercial Club Charts. In 2017, our collaboration with DJ/Producer, Sean Norvis on "We Love The DJ", was signed and released by one of Romania's biggest record labels, 'Cat Music,' gaining great support from DJ'S and fans globally. Furthermore, we picked up great support from the Electronic dance scene, with big name DJ's such as BlasterJAXX and Timmy Trumpet including our catchy anthem lead single ‘Stand Together in their sets and Podcast series. Again this set the wheels in motion for obtaining another Uk Commercial Club Chart position at No14 with our independent release.
2016 also saw us being awarded semi-finalist of the ‘UK Songwriters Competition’ with our Dementia inspired song "Unspoken". The deep melancholy in Elle’s vocals, mixed with the irritability that can be found in Jay’s rap, strike an emotional chord with listeners. The song has been used as the soundtrack for a short film highlighting the poor standards and malpractices within worldwide Dementia Care Homes. This coincided with our EP release in November 2017.

How would you describe your influences and how have they changed over the years?

As far as influences go, we both feel the same way. We don't care what genre the music is or the particular artists that make the music. It all comes down to the individual songs more than anything. Our influences come of many different genres from the 60's, all the way up to what is currently in the world of music. Our fans make different comparisons of our styles which has a divided opinion in a positive and flattering way to the major artists they already love and listen to regularly. If any styles of music would closely relate to our music output, it would be Pop vocals and rap.

Here is an example of our contemporary style with the song 'Stand Together'

What´s new right now?

We have a new release coming this spring season called "If You Walk Away" which for the very first time features a collaboration with 2 vocalists from another band named 'Brother Man.' We are very excited about this release, as playing a sample of the song to a few close friends, they say it will be one of our strongest yet. An Emotional and powerful message which every listener can relate to in their own way. We love connecting with our audience and an example of this can be found in our Dementia inspired song 'Unspoken.' This song is also award-winning in the UK songwriters competition.

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