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Pogman – the dubstep monster

23760_10151599555234815_1828053662_nWe had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite upcoming dubstep artist that goes by the name Pogman.  With only 3 years on the scene, over 9000    (now more like 45.000) soundcloud followers and an aggressive driven, sample laden production style he is a force to be reckoned with in the future. Check out the interview below!

Who are you? – 
My name is P0gman. Im a Dubstep producer from Wolverhampton UK.

The Beginnings – When did you start making electronic music?
I started making music about 3 years ago. Got myself a copy of Reason and a laptop and just went from there. (Even tho i only ever produced one track on Reason and moved straight onto Fruity Loops). After this i moved onto Logic due to the college course i started attended. After getting myself a Mac and a copy of Logic i never looked back. The reason it was Dubstep i chose as i was always into Drum n Bass and Garage because of the Bass. When i heard Dubstep i was amazed that there was this new style of music that was totally driven by Bass.
What or who inspired you?
My inspiration in the early days were people like Skream, Benga, Caspa, Rusko, Coki. I just wanted to make anything that sounded even a little bit like these guys. As i delved deep into the Dubstep scene i discovered Jakes and this was the reason i started making the ‘Wet, Wobbly’ sort of Dubstep. My sound at the moment seems to be a mixture or Heavier sounds in the wobbly sort of style. My inspirations today come from all over as i tend to stray away from listening to Dubstep in my spare time. I have to listen to it when producing, mixing and getting sent new music so i think having time away from it (listening to other genres) is always a good thing. Also listening to other genres and music that is nothing like Dubstep always seems to give you the craziest ideas for new music.
How was your grasp of the audio engineering & production at this time? How did you learn producing? Is it all self taught, from the internet and tutorials or mentors and teachers?
My grasp on everything at the beginning was nothing! I started to mess about and was self taught until i attended a college course to learn the basics. After passing the course i carried on with producing and experimenting myself. Everything i use and do in my productions comes from a mixture of being taught at college (mostly the EQ/Mixing down side of things) and experimenting myself.
Q: Tell us about your setup. Are you using mostly software or hardware these days?
I am mostly using software. My step includes a Macbook Pro, Logic, Rokit KRK RP6 and a Focusrite Sapphire 6 soundcard.
Q: What are your five favorite instrument and effect plugins?
Well as everyone can probably hear the first and main one has to be NI Massive.
But if i had to do a list it would be

Q: Who are the artists who have influenced you the most right now?
For my sound personally it has to be Jakes. He has been the person ive looked upto most in the scene as regards to my sound. But the artist who influence in music production in general have to be Noisia, 501, Boy Kid Cloud, Subscape. I dont sound anything like any of these people but there productions skills are through the roof.
Q: What is your typical work schedule like?
I like to have 2-3 even 4 tracks that im working on at every one time. This helps with me not getting too involved in one track and over working it. I think if you have 3 different projects running then you keep you ideas fresh and having time away from each one gives you more time to think and go back with a fresh mind. At the moment alot of my time is also tied into work for my new label IAMAudio


Q: How do you promote your music? Are there any music promotion services you can recommend?
Facebook is a very good tool that some people overlook. Also Soundcloud is very helpful to show people bits you are working on and also giving away free music. I have a youtube channel but i tend to promote my music on Youtube through other bigger Dubstep channels than mine. Also i am a DJ so i promote alot of my music live when i tour.

Q: Do you have any tips for our readers on how to get soundcloud followers, facebook fans or twitter follower?

Just keep pushing and showcasing your music. Once you get a nice lil following people will spread the word and then more and more followers come from there.

Q: How do you distribute your music? Are there any digital distribution services that worked for you which you can recommend to our readers?

Well my music gets distributed through the labels i work with so i dont usually have to work with them myself. But since starting the label we have been working with Cygnus Distribution. I would highly recommend these guys. Very helpful when i was starting the label and very reliable with everything distribution wise.
Q: What social media or websites do you use for music promotion
Facebook and Twitter manly.
Q: Let´s talk about djing and live gigs. Do you remember your first gigs? How were your first experiences with finding and playing gigs.
My first gigs came from me and a friend starting a night in my home town. As my music got better and more well known thats when the gigs came. I must give a massive shout to Ant and George at Chronos as when they signed me to Styx recordins the gigs came rolling in. Since then its been madness with constant touring of Europe.
Q: Was it complicated finding a booking agency or clubs to play at and how were the first gigs received? What´s it like on tour for you?
It was complicated at first but like i said with the help from Chronos and Styx Recordings they got me gigs instantly from the day i signed. Tour is the best thing ever. Ive met some amazing friends and played to some of the best crowds in the world. I love doing what i do and the amount of fun i have on tour is amazing.
Q: If you could only take one piece of gear on the road with you besides your laptop, what would it be?
Not sure really. As long as i have my laptop i am happy :). Does my Iphone count??? or my Headphones haha

I always carry my PS3 pad with me so i can play games on my Mac :). Mostly Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Q: What is your favorite animal?
Got to be Octopus. Those things amaze me. I have one tattooed on my right arm. I would never ever dream of touching one but they are amazing creatures.
Q: What would your personal dream life look like?
To carry on doing what i do now for as long as possible. I want to be able to be comfortable and happy in what i do and carry on spreading my music around the world.
Q: And what would be your worst nightmare scenario in life?
Having to quit music fully and work a 9-5 job in something that is nowhere near music.
In a parallel universe
Q: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be and why?

I would probably be an Accountant as thats what i studied when i left school. And thats where the moneys at haha
The Future – Q: When we interview you in one year, where do you see yourself?
Hopefully on the other side of an American tour or Australian tour. I hope to see my label move forward this year and also i aspire to keep on releasing music.

Do you have anything to add?
Yeh biggups to alll my fans and go check out my new label and my side project


Smolsky –

Also shout outs to all my brothers in the scene and everyone who has ever helped me along the way.

Biggups every single one of you

Thank you for you time.


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Editor: Make sure to check out Pogmans Soundcloud page as well

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