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Studio Pros Interview – The ONLINE studio

our_cmpltFinally, the long awaited Studio Pros Interview ūüôā¬†Today we have something very special – a real virtual studio service that gives you the power of ¬†a whole studio staff all for hire¬†as a virtual service. You just tell the session musicians, engineers,songwriters,composers or vocalists what you want and they help¬†you on the production, mix or creative side. It¬īs fairly inexpensive and the production quality is very professional. After hearing¬†a lot of good stuff about the Girls and Guys from SP we decided to ask them for an interview.¬†Check out the presentation video and the Studio Pros Interview below.¬†
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Q: Please tell us about you and your company Studio Pros.
¬†My name is Kati O’Toole and I am the head of production here at Studio Pros. I have been working with this company as a producer for over 6 years, got my degree in Music Production and Engineering from the Berklee College of Music and have had a lot of experience helping independent songwriters/artists/producers get their music professionally recorded.

Studio Pros is a professional music production team that you can access online. Get pro musicians, engineers and producers to record your music from the comfort of your own home. We collaborate with independent songwriters, producers and upcoming artists delivering professional recordings all via the internet. We are a professional team of musicians including: session musicians ranging from live drums, bass, guitars, percussion, vocalists, keyboards, live horn sections, live string sections, mixing/mastering services, full production services, drum programming and more.

To read about our available services:
Q: Can you give our readers a few examples on how musicians/producers used your services?
We help musicians/producers professionally produce their material with our team of session musicians. They check out the services they need, send us a scratch demo for us to professionally reproduce from the ground up with our production team, or we help fill in the missing pieces of a recording project by giving them access to professional session musicians to play on their tracks. The cool thing about our studio, is you can access and collaborate with our team from any where in the word. We send step by step previews of our recordings and you simply log into your Studio Pros account to preview what we’ve tracked at our studio. Once the project is complete, you’ll have access to the individual wav files so that you can download and import into your own session.

Here’s some insight on how it works:¬†


Q: It seems that since the dawn of online studio virtualization every few years someone comes up trying to make online real time collaboration work. First there was Steinberg Rocket (back in 2000, now defunct), then i remember Ohmforce doing something similar  (just checked they are still in beta ) and now Google did their (rather playful) version with What in your opinion is the future of these efforts and when will real time online jamming/producing reach critical mass?
 Although you can access our studio musicians from the comfort of your own home and we call ourselves an online studio, we do all of our tracking live and we are recording in a professional setting. This differs from some of these virtual studios that are popping up. Our whole mission is to give independent songwriters/artists/producers access to some of the best musicians in the world from anywhere. Everything we do is still recorded on a track by track basis custom to each individual project. We also keep our clients involved 100% in the production through our step by step production process.
Q: What would you say to critics that say that having someone you don¬īt know play or sing on your track¬†over the internet is missing “soul”?
Before hiring us, you can listen to samples of our previous work to help you feel confident in the quality of performances we deliver.

Check out our demos here:
Our team of musicians keep their names confidential because they are providing major discounts when they work for us. Our engineer charges 5 times the rates when you hire him to work on a project in person. So I would respond to that question by saying that you’re getting some of the most professional musicians to play on your track at a very reasonable price.¬† These are real musicians, with major label credits! I know that thinking of hiring someone from the internet might seem scary at first, but you must understand that we are very selective of our team of session musicians and who we hire to deliver the best quality performances to our clients. You will also be able to provide feedback for the recordings, if you’d like changes, we’d be happy to do a modification on each step of the recording process so you can be 100% sure that you’re happy with the product. Even though you aren’t speaking directly to the musicians, you will be in contact with one of our well trained and producers all with degrees from the Berklee College of Music to help you communicate your musical ideas into a reality with the performances from our team.
Q: Are you accepting demos from musicians / producers who want to work FOR you?                                                                                                                                                                                                              
We are not currently hiring at this time. It’s definitely a possibility for the future.
Thanks for the interview Kati! Everyone check out their site and listen to the demo sections, especially the before/after demos Рgreat stuff, very cool service in our opinion. Also check out the SoundonSound review on with the sound material. 
If there is any other cool services like these please get in touch Рwe love the concept and so far Studio Pros is the clear leader in the field! Happy recording everyone!
Your Traxx24 Team ūüôā

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