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WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro Plugin is a simple all in one but powerful importer plugin to meet all your needs. There are currently 10 modules that helps to import any thing in bulk to your WordPress site. You can import posts, pages, custom post types, users with their roles, categories, nested categories, tags, custom taxonomies, wp commerce and eshop products. Importing in ultimate csv pro is very simple and easy by mapping your csv headers to relevant WP fields. That’s it, the importer will import all your data under csv headers to relevant fields one after other. Just a little work to format or alter your csv file as prescribed in the guide. Also the pro importer supports many advanced features like nested categories etc. For complete features list please check our demo and PDF manual. Posts and Pages Module – This module will import all your data into bulk posts or pages. There are 9 fields to map, in which post title and content are mandatory. All other fields are optional. You can also have published date field which can also have a future date that reflects as scheduled post. Optionally you can import as many fields you want as custom fields. You can name these fields as your wish while importing. Pages doesn?_?t need category and tags. You can assign a feature image for each post or page through a list of image urls. Custom posts – Similar to post and pages you can import any custom post types that is configured in your WordPress. You can also assign feature image for each post created. Category – You can import any number category you want. Category name fiels is mandatory. Slug and description field is optional. Slugs are created automatically if not mapped. Nested category – This module is just like category module, provided you can import nested categories. You can import nested categories through name field like category1 | category2 | category3. If the category doesn?_?t exist it will be created in a hierarchy as mention in name field. Tags – Import bulk tags using this module and assign to post, custom post or products. Users with roles – Import bulk users with their roles by role id. There 11 fields to map in which user login, email and role are mandatory fields. Roles are mentioned in csv as ids. Please ensure roles are created in advance before import. Other wise default role is assigned for missing role ids. Custom taxonomy – Is your WordPress is configured for custom taxonomy, you can import bulk custom taxonomies as like as nested categories. WP commerce/ eshop – You can import products in bulk if these modules are installed in your WordPress.

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