Interview/Success Story with Synchronice –  100k + followers Please introduce yourself to those who don´t know you yet. Hey! We’re James and Will. We’re brothers who have been writing and playing music together pretty much our entire lives and currently produce music as Synchronice. Question: When did you start making music and what was the […]

Label profile: The Nashville House Syndicate

Check out and share our The Nashville House Syndicate Interview. This interview is part of our new Labels in the Spotlight Series. In this interview series we feature exciting labels from all over the world. As always: Share & Support! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your label. Where are you based, what […]

Princess Superstar Interview & Case Study

Imagine you had a mega hit. Imagine you become an “overnight  success.” Imagine a media frenzy with your name on the cover magazine. The artist we interview experienced all this and more… This story starts in 1994 with a demo tape and ends up with two top ten hits in the UK and A LOT […]

Exclusive End User Interview: True Fans Artist Success Story

Enduser aka Lynn Standafer is a US based electronic music producer who is living the dream. As a full time musician in a super niche genre (breakcore) he is also THE perfect case study for a Musician with a small but hyper loyal fanbase of TRUE FANS. Q: How big is your current fan base (over […]